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    Universities where geek culture is alive

    Quote:Without a doubt, the people you are surrounded with have a huge impact on who you turn out to be. Yeah but that doesn't mean you have to hang out with programmers to be a programmer. Hang out with the people who you get along with, they will turn you who you want to be, and study hard in CS, and that will give you the skills you want to have. They don't have to come from the same source. And btw for the college application process, just get it done asap, I waited for a while and it was december/january before i finished submitting aps. The other thing to make sure is that you apply to a range of schools, I applied everywhere from MIT to the University of Michigan. I didn't get into MIT, but then again I'm not sure it would have been a good fit for me anyway. Visit the campuses of the schools you are interested in, talk to the staff and students, that will really help you get a feel for what place would be right for you.
  2. Deleter

    Anyone else tired of first person shooters?

    Um, no, I love FPS. Now, thats not to say I wouldn't love more FP not S games, Dark Messiah was an awesome game, as is Oblivion. But I don't think they have to stop making FPS games to make FP!S games.
  3. Deleter

    The Vicious Cycle

    Er, Tolkien wrote tons and tons of reference material and constructed a universe, which he then wrote books on. Thats a lot different than simply reusing old material...
  4. Deleter

    1000 posts in retrospective

    Great post. I'm not a long time user or anything so its interesting to see how the forums got this way. I will definitely agree with the ratings system. Another forum I frequent is going through a lot of the things you were talking about earlier, and its a new forum, so this gives me some hope. Maybe I should propose to them a ratings system.
  5. Deleter

    Is Steam going to rule the world?

    I'm glad to see stuff switching over to steam, because unless I am incorrect it gives more money to the actual people who make the games, and less to the publishers. I'm sure Valve charges to use it, but I am sure (please correct me if I am wrong) that its cheaper than a traditional publisher. The only gripe I have with steam is how it automatically updates games for me...and these updates break rather than fix the game, but now I can't go and un-update it like I can with traditional systems. And honestly physical stuff can be just as prone to loss. For example, I lost my starcraft cd case, not the cd, just the case. Problem is the case has the only part I truly need, the key. With steam you don't risk physical loss. And barring any major problems with steam, you don't have to worry about losing your games at all. I get the feeling most companies will switch over to digital distribution just like its true your money is just bits and bytes in a bank and not hard cash. People aren't worried about that because its secure. In some cases digital is more secure. Also another great thing about steam, is that they can make games like the original Deus Ex available for people to buy and bring in some revenue whereas they would be hard to turn a coin if they were to redistribute it physically. This is good for both the consumer and the company. Now if only my doom3 cd key would register with steam so I don't have to worry about losing that...
  6. I would recommend having a link on the left control panel of your site for people looking to register. It took me a couple minutes to find the forum post where people can apply for your services. Maybe some more information on specifics of what you will do would be nice to know. Like, whats free and what will teams have to pay for. How much web space are you giving away et cetera.
  7. Deleter

    So what's YOUR idea?

    Quote:EDIT: You also forgot that that would require the graphics card to hold TWICE the textures. For most games, that's just not possible. Not really. Especially for a game like half life 2. Most of the textures are reused from one map to the next, so you wouldn't really need to hold twice the texture data. And the other thing you could do is make your maps half as big, now its the same amount of data. As for your other comments, I have to doubt it can't be done. Perhaps in a next gen engine no, but if you scale back a bit I think it could be done. And with graphics reaching their climax here, I think we can start implementing such features at the loss of some graphics quality as this would add a whole lot more to immersion than some better defined pixels here and there. And actually if thats true then how did oblivion do it? That game ran fluidly and smoothly for me from one zone to the next, it would tell me "Loading", but there were never any pauses or stuff I wasn't supposed to see. And my computer isn't some behemoth either. So yes it can be done...
  8. Deleter

    So what's YOUR idea?

    Yeah most of my ideas are just improvements or different ways of doing current things. As I have been playing a lot of FPS games lately these ideas are for them: "context specific movement"-What this means, if there is a rock, when the player goes forward, his character walks over the rock, instead of forcing him to jump. If there is a climbable wall, he climbs it etc. Now this system is partially implemented in current games. Best example is ladders, most fps have a ladder system that is either automatic or easily activated. I would have this system extended, so when the player tries to crawl into vents, or over knee-high barriers, or slops that could be climbed, he automatically does these things. In games like FEAR and the Half Life series, it annoys me to no end that I have to jump onto benches or over railings. It would be pretty easy to implement, if you detect the player colliding straight into one of these objects, obviously he wants to get past it. For a railing he could swing over it, or jump, or perhaps crouch under it, whatever. Overall I think this would add much more fluid gameplay to the genre and have the person thinking about the game and tactical properties of your map if its that sort of game, instead of fighting the map just to move around. More realistic damage handling. This is perhaps my biggest gripe with fps games. I throw a grenade at an enemy, and he takes the damage and keeps attacking. Hell no! He should be blasted back even if he survives. Same with high-powered shotguns. If I blast you at point blank, you cannot just continue your attacks on me without effect. Also location specific damage would be nice. Ie, I shoot you in the knee, you cannot still sprint towards me. I shoot your arm, you can't keep attacking with it etc. I know this is in different games in varying degrees, but I think it needs to be more prominent. And rather than a ton of specific code checking for all these things, if we make enemy actions truly dynamic, ie the body is a series of physics objects controlled by a central ai instead of state machines and pre-made animations, most of this would happen naturally. I think I watched something about the next Indiana Jones talking about such a system. Well I want to see it in all fps games, so the next time I blast an enemy in the head with a shotgun, he doesn't get a chance to deliver a killing blow to me. No more static health bar. This is a relic that fps games seem addicted to. I have played games without it, but a vast majority still think the 100 hp with health packs is a fun mechanic. Its not. I love the games that use that recharging when not under fire mechanic. Neither is totally realistic, but the second is so much more fluid. And personally I think it'd be easier to design levels around that feature. You know the player will have full health when he enters an area because the area before it was empty so his hp recharged. Invisible map loading. I'm pretty sure this feature is even in ultima. Basically you load the next map while still in the current one so you can traverse the whole world without seeing a level loading screen. Oblivion is a good example of this (except for towns). That is the biggest break in immersion, in a game like Hl2, where you have to wait for the next level to load for several minutes. If it was loading ambiently while you ran through the previous one, and then seamlessly replaced it, that would add so much to the gameplay experience.
  9. Deleter

    Quake 4

    I'm playing it for like the fifth time through, that should say something...Along with hl2 and fear, I love fps with stories, but they are so damn short I have to keep playing them over again...=\
  10. Deleter

    Class vs Class-less

    Well the concept at least sounds cool :). I definitely like the idea of having player's unbound by classes, as I think this is a relic we could do without...
  11. Wow, I love how smooth the game is. And it also helps that I won the first game I played ;). This is definitely bookmarked. Very nice job!
  12. Deleter

    RTS management idea

    So it basically plays the game for you without actually controlling it then?
  13. Deleter

    Played out concepts, playa.

    Definitely agree on the ww2. Also have to add mutants to the list. Its one step less worse than zombies, but still always has that "We don't have an idea, lets just throw [insert overused monster] in and call it a day!" feeling to it.
  14. Deleter

    Can't finish plots...

    Throw a couple of plot twists in and end up somewhere even you weren't expecting ;). Also, don't be concerned that your plot has to be 100% original. The plot of mothballs falling into Earth from a trans-dimensional vortex and you have to stop the rift by applying gallons of bubble-gum is original, but such a game would probably suck (well maybe a little humor could help...) My point being that as long as you tell a good story, people are probably going to stick around. If you want to avoid the pick up [uinteger] items quest, then do it, just keep in mind that all simple plot ideas have been taken. I remember hearing somewhere that there are only like 10 plots in all of fiction once you break it down to the simplest elements. So instead of trying to avoid unoriginal, just focus on what you would find fun and I'm sure you'll find some good mid-ground.
  15. Deleter

    Ammo restriction/ logistics in RTS

    Well its a matter of opinion. Adding in supply trains would add more depth to the game, but I really think it limits your audience. I know for one that I can't micromanage/strategize down to this detail while still having fun. But I bet if done right it could appeal to a certain group of people.
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