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  1. Negative

    Verizon Droid

    I don't have a droid but I have owned two android phones so far and i'm very pleased with them. It's not so much about open source apps(developers do have a choice if they want to give out the source or not). It's more that the android OS itself is open-source. Check out http://www.androidforums.com/ for more information about android. There are also phone specific forums in there, i'm not sure wheter you are talking about the motorola droid or the HTC droid Eris. But there are forums for both in there. If you would like to look at apps for android there is a great mirror of the android market on http://www.androlib.com If you do get an androidphone you can just download a barcode scanner, go to androlib. Search for an application, scan the barcode directly from the screen and you will be redirected to that application on your phone. The android market is constantly growing, from just week 49 to week 50. 723 new applications and 111 new games were released. That's 834 new app/games in just the past week. Well head over to androidforums.com and see if the droid(and the android OS) is something for you.
  2. Negative

    Need help testing a flash based MMO

    finaly loaded, going to have a check at this. Is it not possible to release a downloadable client too?(when I clean my cookies etc will I have to reload everything?) EDIT: sorry there was more loading to do :/ after running around town trying to find the lists I get stuck and the running animation just goes on as I'm stuck. I also notice lag when running with my arrows keys but its probably because as you said the server is at your home and im in europe :P
  3. Negative

    Pirate Bay founders found guilty

    Quote:Original post by Drathis I'm just wondering, how many would defend pirate bay if they had lots of torrents to child porn? Should pirate bay be responsible for those or not? They would still be just hosting the torrent files, not child porn. There would still be lots of legal torrents. Would you be still up and arms when they were trying to shut it down? They get so much support because they are hosting stuff that everyone wants for free, but wouldn't they be as legal if they hosted stuff that everyone finds sickening, for example child porn. Would they have been taken down much earlier if they didn't have the peoples(biased) support? I hope the legal system can see past that. And no, I'm not taking sides. The legal battle is far from over. No one is being put to jail just yet. Torrents containing childporn are removed.
  4. Negative

    What's everyone doing for Thanksgiving?

    We don't celebrate it here so I guess nothing special.
  5. Negative

    School Shooting in Finland

    well even if they raise it from 15 to 18, he was 22. But it could probably prevent other teens to do it. Seems like he knew the other shooter that happened less than a year ago and they had been chatting about it :O SOLUTION: Kill yourself instead of killing others if you hate the world so much(or learn to ignore/filter all the bad things like the rest of us)
  6. Negative

    IT professional questions.

    Hello I'm working as a consult for a large company, the company got around 65000 employees so we're in different "departments"( we even have our own firefighters and a station and trucks :O ). I'm doing mostly hardware/software maintenance, installing new computers, helping people on-site etc. There's also an entrance to a warehouse where I receive new computers/parts to install so I receive/send parts too. Most of my "experience" comes from just having an interested since early age. And you also learn alot when you actually work and encounter new problems.
  7. Negative

    Spectraball Beta

    signed up on the beta, btw this reminds me of that game to wii where you gotta rotate the map to make the ball go to the finish.
  8. Use the language you are most interested in, I would use c++. But that's because I already know some of it.
  9. Negative

    Tome GS Homebrew Game System

    looks cool, if you ever start selling them I think you should make the casing less clay like :P Don't forget to post a video of you playing on it when it's done (-:
  10. Negative

    Safety in a big city: non-lethal weapons

    get a gun like everyone else, there's no need to feel sympathy against anyone that tries to hurt you. The world is better without them
  11. Negative

    Kingdom Of Warlords

    I get an error when I try to register
  12. Negative

    Multiple cpp files

    Thank you for the quick respone. What would I do without people like you? :P
  13. Negative

    Multiple cpp files

    Hi, my codes become very large and it can be kinda hard to find what you want to edit/fix. So I was wondering if anyone could point me to a tutorial or perhaps send me a PM with information about this subject. I want to keep my main.cpp as clean as possible. What I mean is to have like an item.cpp and item.h and monster.cpp and monster.h instead of just having everything in one file. Would be very appreciated if someone could reply regarding this issue.
  14. Negative

    My Bomb Is Badder Than Your Bomb

    What are they doing with the old ones?
  15. Negative

    a tutorial collection site

    would be good if you kept the site updated, put them in different categories and make it searchable
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