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    You lie!

    Quote:Original post by DavidNeal So apparently yesterday a republican lawmaker mustered enough [insert favorite word for "cajones" here] to shout out during Obama's speech about health care yesterday. It happened right after Obama was stating that the proposed health care plan would not insure illegal immigrants. I'd like to survey the lounge with a few questions to spark some discussion: Do you believe Obama, or the lawmaker? Do you think the lawmaker was right to call out Obama then and there? If not, what better way could the lawmaker have confronted Obama? I don't believe it was the most productive way to call him out, but I believe it does underscore just how much more work needs to be put in to this health care proposal before congress should even think about putting it to a vote. 1. Can you trust any lawmaker...? Really they are all liars. 2. He could have done it in a better way, but you can't expect too much from these people. 3. He could come up with a plan that gets rid of all the government regulations and let younger people opt out of the SS system(because its the biggest ponsi scheme ever. way bigger than anything madoff did). But he will not do any of that because the Rep. probably believes in just a little less 'gubberment' control in healthcare but still believes that the 'all powerful gubberment' still has to do something.
  2. alexmullins

    help with c# globals and reusing classes

    Make sure you are using the right namespace when you take the existing class and import it into a new project.
  3. Well, this is awesome. There are probably many people who will love this workshop. Good job Walsh! I like the idea of the textbook btw. Can't wait for this workshop to start.
  4. There is a thread on this website "My website gets hacked?" under the web development forum and when I tried to open it I got a warning from my anti-virus saying it tried to download a virus to my computer. Please look into this fast before someone gets infected.
  5. alexmullins

    Gustav Expected to Strengthen to CAT 5 Hurricane

    Yea, I just read that its suppose to become a Cat. 5 hurricane when it gets into the Gulf of Mexico. I'm in Mobile, AL and my parents are debating whether they want to evacuate or not. It looks like the forecast models are showing it moving more east towards mid to central Mississippi. Hopefully before it hits it will downgrade to a 3 or so.
  6. C# is not Microsoft specific. Look up Mono project on google. They are gaining ground in the .NET world. Now XNA on the other hand is Microsoft specific as you are only able to run it on Windows, Zune, and XBox360. I find XNA to suit beginners very well though. There is massive amounts of tutorials and help out there and a majority of it is at www.creators.xna.com . You should try it out and see if it fits your style and if it does stick with it, but if not try out SlimDX. Some of the people on the forums created SlimDX which is a .NET wrapper around the DirectX. Good Luck to you!
  7. alexmullins

    XNA Timer problem.

    edit your post and put it into [ source ] [ /source] tags
  8. Hello fellow Gamedev'ers! Just stopping by to see if yall could look over my code and check that I'm on the right path. I'm working on inheritance and polymorphism in C# and I think I'm getting it, but I have some questions. Here is my code: Animal.cs using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; namespace ConsoleApplication2 { abstract class Animal { //Constructors public Animal(string name, int age, Classification animalClass) { Name = name; Age = age; AnimalClassification = animalClass; } public Animal() : this("NoName", 10, Classification.None) { } //Public Properties public string Name { get { return name; } set { if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(value)) { name = value; } } } public Classification AnimalClassification { get { return animalClassification; } set { animalClassification = value; } } public int Age { get { return age; } set { if (value > 0 && value <= 100) { age = value; } } } //Abstract Method public abstract void Description(); //Private Fields protected string name; protected Classification animalClassification; protected int age; } } Mammal.cs using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Drawing; namespace ConsoleApplication2 { class Mammal : Animal { //Constructors public Mammal(string name, int age, Color furcolor) : base(name, age, Classification.Mammal) { FurColor = furcolor; } public Mammal() : this("NoName", 10, Color.White) { } //Public Properties public Color FurColor { get { return furColor; } set { furColor = value; } } //Public Methods public override void Description() { Console.WriteLine("Name: {0}" + "\nAge: {1}" + "\nClass: {2}" + "\nFurColor: {3}", Name, Age, AnimalClassification, FurColor.ToString()); } //Private Fields protected Color furColor; } } Bird.cs using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Drawing; namespace ConsoleApplication2 { class Bird : Animal { //Constructors public Bird(string name, int age, int wingspan, Color wingcolor) : base(name, age, Classification.Bird) { WingSpan = wingspan; WingColor = wingcolor; } public Bird() : this("NoName", 10, 2, Color.Blue) { } //Public Properties public int WingSpan { get { return wingSpan; } set { wingSpan = value; } } public Color WingColor { get { return wingColor; } set { wingColor = value; } } //Public Methods public override void Description() { Console.WriteLine("Name: {0}" + "\nAge: {1}" + "\nClass: {2}" + "\nWing Color: {3}" + "\nWing Span: {4}", Name, Age, AnimalClassification, WingColor.ToString(), WingSpan); } //Private Fields protected int wingSpan; protected Color wingColor; } } That is what I have done so far, but I'm getting a little confused. I want to make the Mammal and Bird classes abstract and not have their Description() method provide a implementation, but when I try and mark it as abstract it gives me a compiler error: Error 2 'ConsoleApplication2.Mammal.Description()' hides inherited abstract member 'ConsoleApplication2.Animal.Description()' C:\Documents and Settings\Alex Mullins\My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\ConsoleApplication2\ConsoleApplication2\Mammal.cs 29 30 ConsoleApplication2 How can I go about making the classes abstract and not have their Description() method provide an implementation, but also keep the polymorphism interface. Example: Say I make 2 more classes named Dog(inherits from Mammal) and BlueJay(inherits from Bird). How could I do this: static void Main(string[] args) { Animal[] animals = { new Dog("alex", 20, Color.Brown), new BlueJay("petey", 12, Color.Blue), new Dog("flutter", 14, 20, Color.Black), new BlueJay("jay", 100, 12, Color.Blue) }; foreach (Animal a in animals) { a.Description(); Console.WriteLine(); } Thanks for any help. I know I'm a noob [embarrass], but that is why I'm coming here for yalls expert help and guidance [grin].
  9. alexmullins

    Trying Python

    Blocks of code are indicated by indentation instead of being surrounded by '{' and '}'. a = 1 if a == 1: print "A is 1" else: print "A is not 1"
  10. I think this is just an April Fools Joke in itself. If it isn't an April Fools joke then that sucks. Hopefully insurance will cover it.
  11. alexmullins

    c# for noobies and xna

    its like you just tried to find some reason to ask us to +rep you. plus with a simple google search any noob could have found that. but w/e!
  12. alexmullins

    programming language

    Yes. You should learn python! I'm learning it right now and love it!
  13. alexmullins

    Python - my first game *hangman*

    Hi guys. I'm back! @Oluseyi: for some reason I can't figure out what you are trying to show me. If you can, could you try and explain this to me again. @doctorsixstring: thanks I correctly implemented that into my code. Just can't seem to get my head around what Oluseyi is saying. edit: Nevermind I figured it out. Thanks alot guys. Could yall give me a suggestion on another little game that I could try. [Edited by - alexmullins on February 6, 2008 9:05:58 PM]
  14. alexmullins

    Python - my first game *hangman*

    thanks guys for the help.
  15. Hey everyone. I've taken up learning python. This is my first attempt to create a game. Its a simple hangman game. I feel proud that I finished it, but could yall look over it and give me pointers on what I've done wrong or things I could do better. One problem that I did run into was that if I had a word "backyard" and the user guessed "a" then it would only fill in the first and not the second one. What would be a solution to this problem? import random import time #hangman game __Author__ = "Alex Mullins" #the words - hints (this is a list of tuples with the word and corresponding hint theWords = [("kitchen", "some place that you cook in"), ("house", "its a place that you live in"), ("friend", "it is someone really close to you")] #seeding and finding out the random word and hint random.seed(time.time()) x = random.randint(0, len(theWords) - 1) finalWord = theWords[x][0] finalHint = theWords[x][1] #setting up the amount of incorrectGuesses the user has and the word guessed so far incorrectGuesses = 5 soFar = "-" * len(finalWord) #main while loop while soFar != finalWord and incorrectGuesses > 0: print "You have %d many guesses left" % incorrectGuesses userGuess = raw_input("Please input ONE character or 'exit' to quit or 'hint' to get the hint: ") userGuess = userGuess.lower() #checking to see if the user wants to exit or get a hint if userGuess == "exit": break elif userGuess == "hint": print finalHint userGuess = raw_input("Please input ONE character or 'exit' to quit or 'hint' to get the hint: ") #checks to see if the user's guess is in the word and if it is update so far if userGuess in finalWord: index = finalWord.find(userGuess) x = list(soFar) x[index] = userGuess soFar = "".join(x) print "Yes that guess is in the word" #the user didnt guess a correct letter and incorrectguess is reduced else: print "Im sorry that letter is not in the word." incorrectGuesses = incorrectGuesses - 1 if soFar == finalWord: print "Congrats you won!" else: print "Thanks for playing" Thanks a lot!
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