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  1. TheFlea

    Fantasy strategic webgame: Regions

    Hi, i'll test your game , but i find a little bug when i need to choose a color = red isn't appear. Succes!
  2. TheFlea

    Collision , then Stop

    Nobody can help me ?
  3. TheFlea

    Collision , then Stop

    Ok, i'm tring to learn flash (action script) . I have a mc whice go to mouse when i press leftbutton.This is the code: onClipEvent(load){ _x=0; _y=0; slow=10; } onClipEvent(mouseDown){ endX=_root._xmouse; endY=_root._ymouse; } onClipEvent(enterFrame){ _x +=(endX- _x)/slow; _y +=(endY- _y)/slow; } and code for hitTest(collision) is My question is .. what i need to do for stop my increment and stop my mc nearly mc1 when my first touch other mc, say mc1 . Thank's in advice.
  4. TheFlea

    2 new tracks

    Hi, thank you! When I'll finish the game i'll show it . Thz again. Have a happy new Year! [Edited by - TheFlea on December 29, 2006 12:30:47 PM]
  5. TheFlea

    2 new tracks

    Hi. I like first sound. It is preatty nice. My question is : Can i use this sound in my first game in flash?a non-comecial game, only for me and my friends. If you let me do i'll put your name/nickname/webpage in Credits. See ya.
  6. TheFlea

    "Funny" Problems

    A prisoner is enclosed inside a square. You are given 4 dogs that can roam the perimeter of the square. They run 1.5 times the speed of the prisoner. He escapes if he can cross the border without two or more of the dogs converging on him. Your challenge is to place him initially and program the dogs to keep him inside. You can give each dog a unique program, if you like. Maybe this problem is simple ,but i have no idea. I find this problem and I can't solve it. Who can help me? or if you have any sugestions for this please put them now If you have other "funny" problems, put them in this topic.
  7. TheFlea

    Oh crap, here come the cells!

    Hihi Funny game! I love to play games whice was created by other people , not companys like blizzard and others company-they have no originaly ideas . Your Idea i like because it is originaly, i tkink, and now i play your game. Like Strompyy I can't belive that you create this game in half a month... /edit stompy :) [Edited by - TheFlea on November 30, 2006 2:19:49 PM]
  8. TheFlea


    Exemple 1 174,2,232,100,26,173,129,95,86,228,105,175,48,169,236,66,147,181,23,125,227,113 -Code ASCII whice results from encryped "" - original text Exemple 2 40,7,16,86,172,12,51,208,200,103,206,111,250,5,120,98,77,178 - Code ASCII whice results from encryped "" - original text They have same length Have any ideas? Again me ...
  9. TheFlea


    Look I have same problem with encryped pass and original pass. ________________________^______________________^ 1-------------•db_ejb_csri-------------J21/251/1994 2-------------•ec^dp`^cssg-------------J21/280/1993 3-------------•ec_mre^brsg-------------J21/692/1993 . n Is this for help ? I won't to make me encrypted password, I trying to solve this algoritm , i need to find, but i heven't any ideas for this problem. I want to think how work this problems with encryped. [Edited by - TheFlea on November 18, 2006 3:33:22 AM]
  10. TheFlea


    So... i maybe have no chance to find this algoritm... so bad :(. If you have some interesting exmples for encryped a password, tell me. This problem is not closed, if someone have an idea tell me . Regards, your flea :)
  11. TheFlea


    I have a problem with some password. I have original password: J21/251/1994 and result of encrypt... •db_ejb_csri I think to find code ASCII for all of number/letter but i don't see any similitude I need to find the algoritm whice used for this encrypt. How i think?
  12. TheFlea

    Blumenmacht Demo Released same problem :-( Realy bad i want to play this game :(
  13. TheFlea

    New Online Multiplayer Games Portal

    WOW!! Look greate Now i plaing the Armerican History lux! greate
  14. This is my problem .. maybe it is a lazy question. I use C and lib allegro and i have problem when i need to draw and make an animation use only one picture(sprite) who have a lot of picture for my hero position . I know i can use a picture for each position at my hero or somtehing else ,but is not a according to the situation , i think - this is an exemple! .
  15. I want to write in my registry a key using API but i dont know how to do this ...Need an answer fast Thz
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