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  1. alfith

    Faster than I thought

    Thanks. Yes, it is my own creation as it is the Lego rendition of the player's spaceship of my shoot'em up game.
  2. alfith

    Faster than I thought

    Here it is ! The Lego spaceship is complete. It did not take me too much time. The complete model is made of more than 2000 pieces. I included in the Album some details on how the different parts are made. It went quite well even if I had some difficulties with the assembly of the secondary reactor (dark grey thing at the bottom): with the cockpit it is heavy and was not very well connected to the sides. I changed a few parts to make the link more efficient. The only problem left is that the wings are also too heavy for the way they are attached to the sides. I wanted the link to be close to the way it is done in my original 3D model. Maybe I will change it later. For now, I have to move it by holding the wings. I also have to find a place to put it. The table of the living room would be a good choice but I don't think my wife will agree... It will probably finish on top of the Ghostbusters headquarter until we find a bigger house to store all the Lego we have
  3. alfith

    Lego spaceship

    The player's spaceship from my game
  4. alfith

    Not my game but...

    Hello. A post a bit special as it is not about my game project (, hence the blog to which I am posting this. But still, it will look familiar to someone that saw a few screenshots... The central parts are in the prototyping state. I just finished building the side blocs above the wings. The completed sections are made of nearly 760 parts. The process I am following is: - prototype a section with the parts my children have. My own models are on shelves (not glued) so I am not using them, - re-create the section on the computer at sometimes with better parts than the one I have used for the prototype, - export the parts list to to buy them so I can give back the parts to my children, - enjoy the assembly. I do not know how long it will take to get this thing done (delivery charges increase the cost a lot so I have to delay the purchase a bit) but I hope it will be finished before the end of the year...
  5. alfith


  6. alfith

    Spaceship update

    Hello. Here is an update on the big spaceship. I have to add some content in the front hangar bay and I think I will be done with the geometry (unless I see something missing while texturing it). The little thing next to it is the player. I still have a lot of work on this one...
  7. alfith


  8. alfith

    Big WIP

  9. alfith

    Big WIP

    I do not really plan on doing some interior details except, maybe, a hangar bay on the right side near the front. This ship will be used in a space level in the distance and the player will do a close flyby at one time or another.
  10. alfith

    Big WIP

    Hello. I am working on a big spaceship for the game. It is in an early stage but the main shape is here. The rear part is even less detailed than the rest. There will be the reactors and some "cargo" in the large empty space under the "wings".
  11. alfith

    Late creation

    Here is a small realisation I just finished. It is small, 7x7x7 cm. It is made of polystyrene, cardboard, wire, cotton wool, glue, saw dust, paint and a little bit of salt.
  12. alfith

    Late Halloween

    Small set: 7x7x7 cm, polystyrene, cardboard, wire, sawdust, paint, cotton wool, glue...
  13. alfith

    Hidden gold

    And now, in the dark with the lights under the cave: [sharedmedia=gallery:images:8564] The photo is not very good but the effect is visible.
  14. alfith


    Small cave made using polystyrene
  15. alfith

    Hidden gold

    Thanks. This is my first creation and selling things is not an objective right now. I will practice more and maybe if someone is interested in one of the resulting scenes I will sell it.
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