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  1. Research Topic: Networking

    Hi, There is another C# library for networking. It is RUDP It is more powerful than "lidgren". It is currently in beta but soon will use the same congestion protocol than CTCP (New Vista TCP Stack). Also, there are some new features like : - MTU Discovery (On some network without this lidgren will never be able to communicate) - NAT Traversal ....
  2. Hi all, I just would like to talk about RUDP (Reliable UDP) protocol in C# / .NET You can find more information at : I'm sure that this RUDP stack will be useful for game developers. I'm searching people to use it and to help me to improve it. Currently I have the same performance than with TCP but with additional features like : - non reliable packets - RendezVous mode (NAT traversal) I hope that some game developpers will like this library. Thanks Krys