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  1. Quote:Original post by Shai am I the only one who is upset to find nicks such as "8814princess" and "WhiteFairy88" on a skinhead forum?I'd be more upset if I found them here.
  2. Quote:Original post by Ainokea The administrators last name is Black. Oh the irony!My US Government teacher has a list of "America's Most Dangerous Hate Group Leaders" on his wall. A good deal of them have names like "Black" or "Schwarz" or "Brown" or "Braun." I wonder if they're hiding something...
  3. I hella want to do that.
  4. Quote:Original post by _the_phantom_ As far as I know I live in a strange non-accented world I used to think that too. Then I started listening to how I talk, and I picked out various different bits in my speech that are regionally/culturally unique. Like a lot of Californians, I practically drown in a sea of different cultural influences every day. California is such a remarkably diverse place. My initial speech patterns/accent of course came from my family. My dad was an English major, and pretty pedantic about grammar and pronunciation. He spoke in a Standard Midwestern accent (sometimes called General American), which makes sense, because he's from Chicago. The other major influence being my mother, who spoke in a General American accent with a slight hint of Southern American (words like "iron," "white," "night," "motorcycle"). In school when they start teaching you the alphabet and such in America you learn everything the Standard Midwestern way (I didn't know Z was pronounced "Zed" by British and Canadian people until I was about 15), and since I was a conformant little prick I just talked the way my teachers and parents did. Standard Midwestern is also just what's used for the news and commercial voice-overs and everything in America ("When you're on the news you're not supposed to sound like you're from anywhere." - Linda Ellerbee, who has a native Southern US accent but has to cover it up when she's reporting). For some reason which escapes me, two of my brothers speak African American Vernacular English in spite of us living in a mostly white community and having parents which speak Standard Midwestern. The rest of us speak Standard Midwestern, with the occasional non-rhotic R, or drawn out I, courtesy of our mom who has a Southern background. Just about everyone thinks they don't have an accent, but I'm sure if you came to my neighborhood and opened your mouth we'd immediately know you're not from here. :)
  5. Quote:Original post by grekster Huh? Who wants tension? I'll keep them happy, no uprising, end of story! ;)You won't keep them happy. You'll appease some group and upset another, or someone else will want your position, so you turn them against eachother so they're oblivious to the ways in which you're disappointing them. Instead of battling for your power, they'll be battling for eachothers. Expecting world peace and unity is naive. The best you can hope for is retaining your own wealth and power until you get old, stop breathing, and die. Quote:Original post by Jesper T [A world map with most of America destroyed] If that was a stab at me, congratulations, you missed California.
  6. [Edited by - Johnny Watson on April 10, 2005 6:25:10 PM]
  7. Quote:Original post by Mithrandir It'd be pretty funny seeing a dead guy with a beating heart. Or a dead girl.
  8. The "traditional" form of BSP (like in Doom 1) isn't used in modern games. Quake uses a PVS (Potentially Visible Set) system, where they do some offline processing (raytracing) to determine which parts of the world are visible from where. Then they use a BSP tree to quickly determine what the current PVS is. I'm probably explaining this horribly, but Abrash's article on Quakes visible surface determination method should explain it better than me. Then there's portals. Doom 3 uses portals, I believe. Portals are very simple to understand and implement. Basically, you break up the level into little areas connected by doors or corridors (this works well for a game like Doom 3 as you can imagine), then place a "portal" at the door. When the door is open and visible to the user, you render what's behind it. Otherwise, you don't. Jacco Bikker's portal engine column has some good info on there. I believe Quake 2 uses a hybrid system of Portals + PVS where the PVS is determined like in Quake 1, then additional data is culled off using portals at doors and in corridors and such. There's also occlusion mapping. You basically render plain geometry to a low resolution surface and it sends back information saying whether or not an object is entirely occluded. If it is, you don't render it for your full rendering. If it isn't, you do render the object. This article can serve as a handy introduction to that method. Also look for some of Yann L's posts on the issue, it seems to be his preferred method for what he's doing. You can also subdivide your levels into little cubic cells and put them into a structure called an Octree. This method is probably easier to implement than any of them, but it only provides frustum culling (no occlusion culling whatsoever), so it might not be optimal in many cases (tight indoor levels with lots of intricate geometry, for example). Many games will use hybrids of these methods + terrain LOD and some other stuff to cut down on data. It would be nice if the answer to the visibility question was simple and straightforward, but they all have their pros and cons. It's just a matter of figure out which technique gives you the most optimal data set with the least overhead. For example, in a lot of cases, something like portals would be overkill when simple octrees would work fine enough. Investigate them all, look at the tradeoffs, look at what works best for the game you're making and the data you're rendering. Good luck!
  9. Quote:Original post by Andrew Russell I'd be thoroughly pissed if I were dead-in-a-living-body, and my wife divorced me (or was forcibly divorced from me by the state) and left me to my parents to keep my body alive artificially and persistently so they could pretend I was still alive because it made them happy about themselves. Actually, you wouldn't give a shit.
  10. You are not alone :) This is a very frequent problem, look here to solve it. Good luck!
  11. DON'T FORGET THE BACK OF YOUR NECK! Can't really think of anything else. I just lob the whole mess off periodically. Not much method to it.
  12. Everyone hates The Library. Funny story: The Silent Cartographer was originally a test level that worked its say into the game, and many people consider it to be one of the best levels. Halo's a great game over all, I just have some of the same peeves as you. Some redundant levels, irritating Flood zombies. I also really hate that crappy assault rifle. The SMG + battle rifle in Halo 2 are much cooler. The pistol in the original Halo is unusually good for a pistol. Halo was the only game where whenever I had to revert to the pistol I wasn't saying, "Oh no, now that I have nothing but this crummy pistol I'm going to get slaughtered!" I should get the full version of Halo for PC, then maybe you and I could play one of these days :)
  13. Pretty big and tall (190cm, 82kg). Thanks to my predominantly African ancestry I don't fit the "pasty" stereotype. I generally suck at sports, but I love body building. I also play guitar, and go bike riding frequently. Other than that, I'm pretty much all geek :)
  14. Quote:Original post by Ravuya I just shared a train ride back with a bunch of junior high kids, so I'm not exactly in the right frame of mind here. They're a particularly brutal bunch. During junior high the "pecking order" that will persist through high school is being established and kids are settling into social groups/statuses that will remain with them until the end of their secondary schooling. It's an awful process and is actually not necessary, but the way teenage children are interned for six hours a day while their parents are off at work causes teens to go crazy and create Lord of the Flies-esque societies. Their existence lacks purpose, so they become frustrated and do stupid things. They're also still treated like pre-pubescent children, so they don't learn a lot of core responsabilities of being a productive member of society, and are more destructive as a result. In my dream society, lower education would end at the 8th grade, tying up a few loose ends like algebra, economics, government, reading/writing, etc. Then teenagers could be given "apprenticeships" in an industry they're interested in, and take some higher education classes at an independent pace to gain proficiency in the industry they are apprentices for. That way, the teen won't feel like he's being trapped in a playpen all day, they learn some practical skills, contribute to society, and by they're 18 most will be geared up to work full-time careers. Basically what I'm trying to say is, teenagers are so fucked up because they're dead weight and they know it. Quote: The kid doing the stabbing should be stabbed himself, and then hung. That sets an example of a double standard to the community, and doesn't right the wrong the perpetrator did to his victum. The purpose of a justice system should be to protect society from dangerous people, not exact vengence. Quote: The family of the stabber should be forced to apologize to him and his family, and then pay for his medical bills. Sounds good to me. Quote: If they can't afford it, they should have their belongings repossessed and sold at public auction. Causing more poverty, which is one of many causes of this problem. Sounds like a bad idea to me. If they can't afford it, I say they pay what they can, and have the attacker work off the difference. Quote: The gym teacher should be lynched for not stopping the kid in time. Not really. He or she may have not been able to for various reasons, and in any event, the teacher wasn't the one who attacked the kid. Quote: Public school needs to walk their "zero tolerance" bullshit, because this is getting out of hand. Zero Tolerance doesn't work. The best way to end this kind of madness is to fight poverty and end the war on drugs (which causes more poverty). Quote: Does the kid who did the stabbing have worth to society? Hell no. You're damn right. This goes back to what I said in the first paragraph. He knows he's worthless, and it pisses him off. Quote:The court's going to give him a slap on the wrist and then a couple months later he'll murder or rape somebody. And I fucking hate that. When I was 13, a kid beat me over the head with a thick, hard bound text book and hurt me pretty badly. He got a slap on the wrist and I don't think it even shows up on his police record (which I'm sure is quite long by now). Troubled teenagers are "passed through the system" in more ways than one. There are teens in high school that don't even know how to read. If you find a teen in a court room, chances are, he'll show up there multiple times. The same old cycle over and over. It's disgusting but that's just how it is (until there's a massive effort to make changes).
  15. I throw like a girl. Does that count?