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  1. 3D Sound Effect tester?

    If you have cubase and a video file of the animation, you can (I'm almost positive) mix in surround and sync the sound with the animation.
  2. I was a loyal reader of FutureMusic for a LONG time, up until about a year ago. I go to the newsstand, pick up an issue, and what the hell? It's smaller on all sides, thinner, focuses on big-name DJs, no longer seems to feature reader demos, no longer has sample CD or new release reviews (hold on - they're in the back, after the BS cheap advertising section) and most importantly, it seems they've DONE AWAY WITH THE RATINGS SYSTEM. They don't seem to rate ANYTHING about the things they review anymore, they just gush over them and suggest the best scenario possible for their use - in fact, I think I didn't read one bad thing about ANYTHING in this whole issue! They've done away with their numerical rating system, they no longer list pros and cons... They even gushed over GarageBand. Furthermore, they seem to plug things in the form of sidebars that are being pushed by big name companies, for example, they refer to the "kore" as revolutionary, though through my experience it's just a midi controller without the ability to actually PLAY the notes live and better handling of VSTi control management. What gives? Am I just going crazy? Was FutureMusic ALWAYS like this? What happened to my magazine?
  3. music use legality

    Yeah, with my experience in the underground dance scene, there's few real issues with copyright infringement. One label, ripped 2 fcuk, released a track which was essentially coldplay's "clocks" with a new drumbeat and several MC samples layered over it. Pink got ripped off by Brisk & Ham on Next Generation Records (along with the beastie boys and whoever made that godawful "we're in heaven" song.) It really depends on the market, as far as I know. Generally the samples weren't an issue until the record got used on a compilation CD which pushes many more units than a vinyl single... so really it's a question of "how much are you willing to risk?"
  4. Industry Standard

    Haha, someone actually uses vegas? That surprises me a LOT.
  5. Industry Standard

    FLStudio and Audition are definitely NOT the standards. If anything, Logic and Cubase are the industry standards in dance music, with Pro Tools coming up close behind. As for wave editing, nearly /everyone/ I know universally uses soundforge as it's full-featured yet has a relatively low price tag. This may be different in major studios, but the choice software of most professional producers who have their own small studios (like people in the more underground dance music communities) is Cubase and Logic. That said, I /do/ know of people who produce in FLStudio. For example, one of my favorite D&B producers (Spor) produces exclusively in FLStudio, and he comes up with some great stuff. Hope this helps.
  6. --Please offer your critiques/opinions--

    It's a pretty good effort at an RPG-sounding track. I definitely feel the emotion in it, and I like the orchestral swell feeling it has. It also has a very distinct mood and tone. That said, there IS a major issue with this track, and that's in the mixdown and mastering (which is a tough thing to get down properly.) Towards the end, there's some very minor clipping on your string pad (it's a very subtle staticy buzz in the high-end, especially towards the end.) While it's not THAT big a deal, in an orchestral piece it can kill the mood as orchestral pieces should be pretty clear. The other -major- issue is that the drums feel -really- out of place (and volume-wise they're a bit out of wack.) You might want to add some more effects on them, but more likely you might want to use an orchestral percussion kit instead of a live drums kit as the samples you used just sound really out of place in this track (it also just occured me that it may just be how dull the drums sound... perhaps some brighter drums with more high-end? In this event it's not your fault, but the fault of Image-Line for providing samples that are not quite up to snuff.) Otherwise, just tweak your levels and add some EQ to the various parts until everything falls into place. Good job! As for songs to be redone, Aero particularly catches my fancy. See if you can get a friend to play live guitar for you or maybe hook up with an artist online?
  7. Looking for a few sounds/instruments/plugins

    Orchestral patches included with FL Studio suck. You pretty much NEED a plugin to get a good sound out of it. While I can't recommend a plugin as I use reason 3 for my orchestral needs, I can whole-heartedly suggest you stay the HELL away from edirol orchestral, as it sounds mostly like crap. The BEST option is gigasampler, but it is EXPENSIVE. I also don't know if it functions as a plugin. [Edited by - Kalemika on March 26, 2006 8:04:34 PM]
  8. Ridiculous!

    I don't know how many of you have spun or scratched in your time as a musician, but if you have any experience, you know that THIS is compeltely ridiculous: http://www.scratchophone.com Make a point of watching the demo video.
  9. New Track

    http://www.kalemika.com/music/uploads/kale_-_my_life_is_my_own_320.mp3 Enjoy.
  10. VST effects applied to line in?

    Yeah, you're really gonna need to do ASIO to effectively record in most sequencers, unfortunately. That's at least my experience. Get an audigy 2, I know that a 2 ZS for a laptop has ASIO drivers and sounds ~okay~ and I got mine for about 90 bucks. I dunno about for a desktop though. If you're serious about producing music, though, getting an ASIO card is very important.
  11. Mastering in reason?

  12. Mastering in reason?

    All your advice has been listened to and noted and I appreciate that. As it is though, the song was frustrating me to death and I grew bored of it - I'll go back to it eventually, but for now I'm moving on to a more lush track that I can really master to get a good sound. Thank you for all your tips! I will definitely listen to them :)
  13. Mastering in reason?

    Yeah, that's what I figured. Unfortunately, due to my recent splurge in software I can't afford to purchase cubase or sonar or anything like that right now, and FLStudio is NOT the best environment for mastering, in my opinion. So I need to work with reason's mastering tools, unless you recommend I run it through FLStudio 6 and Isotope oZone, if that would really help. I just hear the demo songs are incredibly well mastered. Also, back at home I have monitoring speakers. There's no room in my dorm for them. By the way, that tip about lowering the volume to hear how even the mix is is -great-. I never would have thought of that and it makes so much sense. Thanks :)
  14. Mastering in reason?

    Okay, haha, there seems to be some misunderstanding about this track. When I went into this track, I had the idea that it would sound something like a broken nintendo playing a drum machine. I ABSOLUTELY do not want to make ANYTHING that sounds like oakenfold, period. I programmed these synth patches specifically to be glitchy, whiney, and really lo-fi. Also, I'm producing this track on Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones, so I don't think my choice of headphones is an issue. I feel perfectly confident with my choice of sounds (and by the way, the organ bass patch WAS made with maelstrom.) I guess aiming to make the track really thick and produced was an unrealistic goal considering the sounds I wanted to use, so for the purposes of -this- song, without changing the synth patches, what can I do to get it to at least sound clear?
  15. Preview tracks in Real Audio ...

    Glad I could help :)
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