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    PyroGine Game Developer Studio

    PyroGine™ Development is happy to announce the release of PyroGine v1.0-a4. Visit our site for more information about PyroGine, media, downloads and support. Changelog Version v1.0-a4: Added popup menu option for project manager.Updated registration form to include username.Fixed errors in readme.txt and the eula.txt files.[IDE] Tabs where not being closed after a file was closed.New Help file format.Added new examples: ArchiveStreamingMusic, ChainAction, DisplayDevice, Input, LocalDatabase, RemoteDatabase, RenderDevice, Scroll, Texture, ThreadedRemoteDb.Added new API routines: App_Edition, App_FadeColor, App_Version, SQLQueryBuilder_Add, SQLQueryBuilder_Clear, SQLQueryBuilder_Create, SQLQueryBuilder_Statement, StringList_Test.Fixed misc memory leaks in the compiler.[IDE] Caption not updated when project group is cleared[IDE] SHChangeNotify event always occur[IDE] Param hint window does not remain open[Compiler] Sprite_RenderImageSized not displaying image properly[IDE] Access Vialation when closing Project Group
  2. About Is a modern, modular, object oriented programming language based on Object Pascal, a light-weight IDE and an advanced 2D game engine for Windows® PC. Changelog Version v1.0-a3:Added ColorLightmap, PolyPointCollision, Primitives, RenderTarget and Viewports demos.Caption is not updated when all files is project group is closed. (Thanks 2Byte)Will detect if source file has been changed out side IDE, show dialog and allow you to load changed file. NOTE: This is an alpha release. Also there will be no DRM in the product. We will use the "Treat Software Like a Book" No-Nonsense License pioneered by Borland in the 1980s. It will require you to do a quick register to use (it emails to us your name, email address and product version info, which will at all times remain private). It simply allows us to track who is using the product. We're experimenting with a concept of associating the purchaser to the purchased product. This information will carry itself with the product. Same concept of when you go to a store and purchase a product you get a receipt that is associated with your purchase and product. I'm still kicking around this idea so if you have any ideas, thoughts and/or concerns we're open to hear them. Media Image #1 - IDE - Code Completion Image #2 - AstroBlaster Demo Image #3 - IDE - Structure View [video][/video] Downloads PyroGine v1.0-a3
  3. We are happy to announce a new version of Pyrogine2D API. New for this version: * Added documentation (will be frequently updated and improved). * Added DisplayDevice(C++), MusicPlayer(C++), RenderDevice(C++), Template(C++), TestBed(C++), Scroll(Delphi, updated) examples. * Added P2D_ExtractFilename routine. * Added C++ Framework * Changed P2D_Init (c/c++) so that it's safe to be called multiple times. * Fixed a problem where evGameDone event was not being called when the game loop ended. * Added C/C++ Bindings. * Fixed a access violation error that occurs using the event system under certain situations. * Added plugin support in the Delphi Framework. * Fixed the problem where the audio did not pause if GlobalFocus was set false when initializing the audio system. Pyrogine2D™ API v1.0.2 (4.55 MB) Visit Pyrogine Development for more information.
  4. Pyrogine

    GameVision Studio

    We've released an alpha build of GameVision Studio (GVS) which is an IDE that can be used to edit/compile/manage object pascal source files. GVS supports a large subset of the Delphi/Object Pascal syntax and can produce stand alone EXEs. It includes the GameVision API as part of the language and is aimed at developers that need a light weight IDE to code there game projects in. The goal is for it to evolve into a complete and robust development environment for making 2D games. Additional tools to be added include font/title editors and other tools essential to game development. Also there is support for extending GVS through extension DLLs. For example if you needed to bind your own native code and make it available when compiling, you can create a DLL that will be loaded upon startup and bind your native routines to the system. This will also be expanded in the future to allow plug in support for the IDE as well. So the GameVision SDK will give you the ability to use GVS stand alone, to expand the system with extension DLLs and use your favorite compiler to access the GameVision API directly. Later we hope to add syntax for C/C++, Basic and maybe javascript. Visit our website at for more information, screen shots and downloads. Thanks SoftBeat Dev Team
  5. Pyrogine

    GameVision SDK 4

    Physics Demo This demo showcase the basic physics implementation in GameVision SDK 4. FEATURES * Physics * Text Menu GUI * Configuration Management * Game, Actor & List objects * Reading data from a zip archive * Many features of the GVSDK Framework * Playing of Mod/Streaming music STARTUP When you run the demo, you will be presented with a startup dialog. This dialog can be configured and used in your own application. See the source for more information about configuration. If you click on the [MORE] button, you will see a drop down menu. If you then click on the Options menu, it will bring up another dialog that will allow you to configure this demo. You will be able to toggle between full and windowed mode rendering and either play the default module music or streaming music from a location on your hard drive. If you provide a URL you should be able to play an .MP3 over the internet. If you press the [SAVE] button it will save the configuration data to the application .ini file. RUNNING While the simulation is running the keys below will be active. If you press the ESC button, it will toggle the menu where you will be able to update the sample/music volume and exit the demo. KEYS ESC - Toggle Menu B - Drop Box S - Drop Sphere C - Drop Crate R - Reset Simulation M - Random Song SCREENSHOT Download (~3MB) [Edited by - SoftBeat on November 26, 2006 12:32:39 PM]
  6. Pyrogine

    GameVision SDK 4

    Release GameVision SDK (Beta 2) Welcome to GameVision SDK, a 2D rendering API for PC's running Microsoft Windows. This release is aimed specifically at Direct3D with 3D hardware. The GameVision SDK is feature complete and can easily create any type of 2D game with D3D for rendering. GV was designed to be easy to use, robust and feature rich and should be easy to use in your projects. History * Version (Beta 1) * Initial Release * Version (Beta 2) + Added GVScript, a modified version of Lua 5 + Added win32 resource stream support + Added ability to change default application window caption + Added GV_Game interface - basic game framework + Added GV_Dialog_ShowMessage and GV_Dialog_Startup = Fixed a bug in GV_RenderDevice_GetInfo + Added GV_Menu interface - basic menu system + Added GV_Network - realiable UDP networking + Http and Stmp routines + Added GV_GUID - global unique intentifier routines + Added GV_Str interface - string handling + Added GV_StringList interface - string list management + Added GV_List interface - generic list management + Added GV_LinkList - generic link list management + Added GV_Actor interface - generic object management + Added GV_Entity interface - high level object manament + Added GV_AIState interface - Event driven FSM state object + Added GV_AIStateMachine interface - Event driven FSM state machine object + Added GV_AIActor interface - Actor with a state machine interface + Added GV_AIEntity interface - Entity with a state machine interface + Added GV_PlugIn interface - dynamic plug-in system + Added GV_Physics interace - rigid body physics system = Fixed a problem with automatic resource deallocation + Added more tuts and demos Known Issues * Docs currently work-in-progress * C/C++ Bindings not fully tested * No C/C++ examples yet GVSDK4 Beta 2
  7. // c/c++ struct sStruct { dword dwProperty; }; // delphi sStruct = packed record dwProperty: DWORD: end; You can pass these structures back in forth. For example if you have a dll created in c/c++ and an exported routine that expects a record or pointer of this type, you can safely pass this from Delphi to the dll. The thing to insure is that the data alignments for the record structures are the same. In the case of sharing classes, since Delphi supports COM and if all the methods are virtual they share the same binary layout in memory with that of a c++ class with all virtual methods. With this in mind you can create an all method virtual class in c/c++ and using a factory, return a pointer to that class instance. If you create the same class in Delphi, you will be able to use that class in Delphi. You have to make sure your factory will also destroy the class also. If it's destroyed on the opposite side of creation, bad things will happen. I use all these techniques in my game engine GameVision SDK. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions or concerns.
  8. Pyrogine

    GameVision SDK 4

    The exposed interfaces planned for GVSDK4 Beta 2 include: Dialogs, Vector, Math, App, LogFile, Timer, IniFile, Stream, Archive, MemoryStream, FileStream, ResourceStream, ZipArchive, DisplayDevice, RenderDevice, Surface, Texture, Font, Image, Sprite, PolyPoint, Input, Audio, MusicPlayer, Game, Script, ScriptLibrary, Menu, Network, GUID, String, DirList, PlugIn, Physics, Object, StringList, List, LinkedList, Actor, ActorList, ActorScene, Entity, AIState, AIStateMachine, AIActor, AIEntity, Misc, Helper Routines There are 700+ exported routines that gives the developer both low and high level control. It's robust and feature complete.
  9. Pyrogine

    GameVision SDK 4

    Here is an improved physics test. You can pile up 150 objects and use the mouse to kick them around. Clicky [Edited by - SoftBeat on May 10, 2006 6:55:19 AM]
  10. Pyrogine

    Basic 2D Physics and Collision Detection

    No problem. I just added rigid body physics to my game engine. Clicky [Edited by - SoftBeat on May 12, 2006 10:09:35 PM]
  11. Pyrogine

    GameVision SDK 4

    NickGravelyn: Thanks. Let me finish up some changes in the physics implementation and repost a new demo which will give a better representation of what it can handle. The current demo has some issues that I'm sorting out right now. I hope to get a new demo posted this weekend. If you register at the site then I can add you to the private beta list and you will have access to the very latest builds, tuts and demos. Thanks for your interest in GameVision SDK.
  12. Pyrogine

    GameVision SDK 4

    Thanks. I hope to release the next build soon. I have to get the physics and networking sorted out first.
  13. Pyrogine

    GameVision SDK 4

    Added rigid body physics. Physics Test Demo [Edited by - SoftBeat on May 10, 2006 6:05:19 AM]
  14. Pyrogine

    GameVision SDK 4

    I've added basic networking to gvsdk4 and in need of some feedback for it. I've implemented a simple netchat app. If you have a free moment, maybe you could give me some feedback so that I can make sure all is well. More information is here: NetChat More info about the new features that will be in the upcoming beta 2 is here: Blog
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