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    Canada! I be in it! Advice on what to get up to?

    Yeah the praries do get pretty bad, but once your used to it, its no big deal. It can get down to -50 on the very odd days, but -30 to -40 are average in the dead of winter. By the time spring comes around and its -20 people are barely wearing anything and by -5 tee-shirts and +5 means break out the shorts. Then in the middle of summer when some weeks its +35 or +40 (celcius), really kills the spirits, although for some reason the cold doesnt. Yes we are kind of weird in the pararies. In short, dont visit us in the middle of winter of summer unless you like it cold or hot. Boolean you should just stock up on layers (Wind Breaker which is wind and water proof, a good liner for the wind breaker (unless you get an all-in-one jacket) and a fleace) and get a good pair of gloves and maybe even a face mask if you are not used to the cold for the first little while when winter comes along. Its always better to be prepared.
  2. starfleetrp

    Sourceforge.net was blocked in China

    Quote:Original post by Mike.Popoloski I'm not sure why people seem to always forget that it was not America that started a war with Japan. This wasn't an Iraq situation, where we went out and bombed them because "they were bad". The attacked us, they killed us, and they didn't follow standard rules of war. Random Fact (not on topic with China): Japan tried to follow the rules of war, but bad (American) traffic going to the state department meant that the Japanese Ambassador was late to deliver the Declaration of War to the americans. The Japanese Admeral beleived that it had already been delivered when he ordered the attack on Perl Harbour. Not that this changes anything but there intent was to follow the rules of war. PS: The War on Iraq is not really a war, it is an armed conflict, which means that American soldiers do not have to follow the Geneva convention, and do not have to give any prisons rights, (they can work them without pay [which they do], no food, etc). I do however agree that dropping the first Nuclear bomb was necessary (maybe not on the target it was dropped on), but the second should never have been dropped. Since the first was probably all that was required. It was later stated that if the US had a third nuclear bomb available at the time of bombing, they would have also used that (I believe it was ready for use a couple of months after Japans surrender). This means that Japan would have surrendered after the 3rd bomb not the second. [Edited by - starfleetrp on July 10, 2008 7:21:00 PM]
  3. starfleetrp

    HEMO - Homicidal Emo

    Ok I found A few problems. First is that in full screen mode it is not really full screen since there is a bar along the top this shows the windows behind it. Second I could not aim the mouse up high enough to hit the characters near the top of the screen. Third my angel guy keeps going over the edge of the screen so I can no longer see him. There are a few other problems with the windows position in relation to my screen, one of which is the full screen problem. Out of fullscreen mode the window is too far over to the right and dpwn so part of the screen is missing (specifically the lives) and there is a gap where I can see the desktop to the right. It would be nice if the game could be played in windowed mode, so you can move it around I only played it for about 10 seconds each time because after that I could no long see what was going or hit the guys at the top of the screen on so I quit. EDIT: I forgot to mention that I was playing on Windows XP with a resolution of 1280*1024
  4. starfleetrp

    What languages shoud i learn?

    From what I understand most game studios use C++ among many others. However if you just want to make a normal game XNA for C# has a large community and a lot of resources available for it. Its only downside is its for Windows and Xbox 360 only. I am sure others here will help you out more, however I need to go, sorry.
  5. starfleetrp

    Ouch that had to hurt!!

    Quote:Original post by LessBread Whoever it was that said programmers were lazy wasn't kidding... [smile] Your right either way, which really sucks. If the forum put in links automatically the programming posters would be lazy If the posters have to put in the link code then then forum programmers were lazy for not implementing the code.
  6. starfleetrp

    I am an expert at [insert buzzword here]

    You are right, many people say they are experts when in reality they know little on the subject (or rarely they know a lot but not enough). However the people I consider to be experts do not say they are, because they understand that there is still more to learn and they can never really be an all knowing expert. If someone really insists of being an expert... let them be like me. Im an expert... an expert on not being an expert! My 10 cents, I would really like to see were this topic takes us!
  7. And now its back after several days. Dont these people just give up?
  8. starfleetrp

    Problem with std::map

    Thanks it works now! I have a question regarding this new implimentation. When should I use the way I was using and the way that you showed me?
  9. starfleetrp

    Problem with std::map

    Ok ill post the comparison for a vector3(which is the color variable) inline bool operator< (const Vector3& vec) { if ( x < vec.x && y < vec.y && z < vec.z ) return true; return false; }
  10. starfleetrp

    Problem with std::map

    Here is the render resource structure typedef std::map< RenderResource, std::vector<_line> > RenderLineQueue; struct RenderResource { Vector3 color; inline operator < (const RenderResource& res) { if (color < res.color) return true; return false; } inline operator == (const RenderResource& res) { return (color == res.color); } }
  11. starfleetrp

    Games surprisingly Good.

    RTCW:ET I just can not stop playing it. It is so much fun online especially if you know losts of the people playing on the server. Even when I know noone on the server I just like the gameplay and how you have to play to get better and help out your team (its objective based) Another plus is that is absolutly free, but id pay a lot for it now that im hooked
  12. starfleetrp

    Multiplayer sprites

    I am not an expert on this subject so dont take my opinion as law as im sure there are more educated people on here who could answer your question better. I beleive the whole point of haveing multiple game states is so that the client can request the changes between stateX and the current state on the server. It would request the changes since the last update it got by sending a packet requesting an update since packet(x). The server then would compare the changes between the current gamestate the the previous state(x) and send the client the delta change. The client then would update the current world state with the changes, and repeat the process, doing its own calculations to keep things smooth. The server would keep an array of all of the old objects in a serialized state and would have a function to check the changes between to two states to send them off to the client upon request. If you need to know more i'll try my best to help!
  13. starfleetrp

    Multiplayer sprites

    You should try to use serialization. So you would pretty much just serialize all of the sprites variables into one string which would be something like x,y,collision radius etc. Then you would store this serialized game state for each state that you want to have on record. When you want to read it back you would go Sprite.deserialize(serialized string). I havnt done this yet, but as far as I understand this is how its done. However i'll try and give some code (might be wrong though?) std::stream Sprite::Serialize() { std::stream data; data << x << y << collisionRadius << collisionType; //You could add or remove more retrun data; } void Sprite::Deserialize(std::stream data) { data >> x >> y >> collisionRadius >> collisionType; } Edit: If you search the forums (or even google for that matter) you should come accross lots of information. I hope that this is what you were looking for :)
  14. starfleetrp

    Has anyone else been getting HTTP 1.1 errors?

    I got one about 50 minutes ago and it lasted for 5+ minutes Edit: Sorry I meant 5+ not 55+ (thats a senior :P ) [Edited by - starfleetrp on March 5, 2007 9:58:20 PM]
  15. starfleetrp

    I found a star-nosed mole in my room...

    Atleast it wasnt a possum... those things are evil As a friend once said (dont read if you fear animal death): "I was going to my old vending machine when I heard some rattling comming from it. When I opened it up there was a possum growling at me. It then got a long broom and a bat and caoxed it out. It then back up twenty feet.... then it charged and jumped at me. At the end of the fight it was laying 20 feet away twitching by the vending machine after the possum bounced off the glass." PS: How cute are those moles... I think im gonna google it up! [Edited by - starfleetrp on March 5, 2007 9:57:36 PM]
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