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    Aus Internet censorship, continued...

    So he's passing laws that everyone hates, but will take them down after hes re-elected? Is he making up reasons for people to vote for him? "Hey kid, I'll give you back your lunch money after you vote for me for school president. Douche!" While I've always disagreed with this mans decision, I used to have the slightest amount of respect for him for standing up for what he believed in. Now he just sounds like a fully fledged nut-job and worse still hes acting like a scared animal backed into a corner swinging in all directions. It's almost pathetic.
  2. Not an official OFLC site but it seems to have quoted sources on the reasons etc...
  3. instinKt

    Magic Movie

    The way I trained myself was to just forget about trying to look at something, and just stare past whatever is in front of you. (Pretend you're at work and its 3:30 or something!) Once you are able to do that just try and move your eyes around (not really trying to look at anything). With enough moving around, hopefully you'll start to see things kind of "fit together" and you'll see the image. It seems to be one of those things where the harder you try, the harder it is to achieve the view. Just relax and stare.
  4. instinKt

    Which design pattern book to read?

    Quote:Original post by drakostar Quote:Original post by instinKt When all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail. Meh. Anything can be misused, particularly by the inexperienced. The common image of someone running around applying as many patterns as they can, wherever they can is not how anyone suggests they should be used. It's worth noting that design patterns are, by definition, not something one guy pulled out of his ass. They're common solutions to problems that have been independently invented time and time again. Like a dictionary, a collection of design patterns is *descriptive* of current practice, not *prescriptive* advice from on high. I agree with you and that's why I mentioned I do not agree entirely with him. I do think it's important to hear what he has to say. It's very easy to be given a tool and be a little over zealous in its use. What Christer gives IMO is a little perspective and warning.
  5. instinKt

    Which design pattern book to read?

    While I don't agree fully with this guy, I would still suggest you take a read of this and his followup here. What he has so say is pretty blunt and extreme, however he does have a point. It's mostly just as the saying suggests. When all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail.
  6. instinKt

    "Human Sacrifice Channel"

    Killing is not always torture. I'm against animal cruelty and torture but I love to eat meats. I don't believe that's hypocritical because slaughtering animals for food is (as far as I see it) very different to squashing some small animal for (sexual?) pleasure or inflicting any kind of pain for entertainment.
  7. instinKt

    "Human Sacrifice Channel"

    Quote:Original post by Silvermyst Quote:Original post by trzy Quote:Original post by Silvermyst Don't club that cute baby seal. Squash that spider. Is rat poison not cruel to rats? What's your point? Spit it out. My point is that suffering of animals is deemed perfectly fine by many in society under the right circumstances. Ugly animals. Annoying animals. Delicious animals. Having animals suffer a long and torturous life in a cage with a relatively painless death so they can be served up as a meal doesn't seem all that less cruel than having them suffer a short and torturous life with a painful death to be served up as video entertainment. Similarly, putting out rat poison doesn't seem all that less cruel than getting dogs to fight one another. The difference is that the dog fighting is for entertainment. Food and pest control is a necessity. If chickens were placed in cages for people to sit and watch them slowly die I'd feel the same about that as I do the dog fighting videos.
  8. instinKt

    "Human Sacrifice Channel"

    Selling material that shows the suffering of any other living creature, for the purpose of giving pleasure to others and to make a profit should be illegal. Why is that such a hard concept? Simulated acts (staged/animated/etc) should probably be allowed (as distasteful as I think they are). Free speech at the cost of anyones suffering is complete bullshit.
  9. instinKt

    Epic Fails of Portfolio Submission

    Quote:Original post by Oberon_Command Quote:Original post by Yann L Quote:Original post by Straudos Erotic Furries. That is an oxymoron. In what sense? Whoosh. I believe he's stating that furries can not be erotic...
  10. instinKt

    The Windows 7 Launch Party video

    It's actually not an advertisement for the OS. It was a DVD given out to people who were selected to hold launch parties for Windows 7. So it's not really trying to sell the OS or be cool. Wish I could find where I first found that out. But the internet lately has been set on calling it an ad.
  11. instinKt

    Seriously. This Should Be Illegal.

    Quote:Original post by SeraphLance Then again, I don't think it's something that should be illegal. If they want to take advantage of people unwilling to do their own research, whatever. I just won't shop there. Ding. That's it there. It's the cost of convenience isn't it? If you know zero about the device and want to just get straight into the games without faffing about and you can afford the cost to get someone else in to do it then why not? Everywhere you go you can see overpriced services for such trivial things that you could figure out in under an hour, but then not everyone cares or has the time, they just want it done now. As for the price, well it's set by the customers really isn't it? If people weren't paying that much then either the price would come down or the service wouldn't exist. It's not an essential service and no ones holding any guns to anyones heads.
  12. instinKt

    Sim what?

    Sim programmer. Where you are tasked to sit down and code a sim game, that may or may not involve programming a sim game, etc. etc.
  13. instinKt

    [Rant] Unhelpful Responses

    Teach a man to fish etc. etc. People sometimes get into the habit of coming up against a problem that they can't solve themselves and before doing much else will run to someone/a forum and ask wtf is going on. That might seem fine but on a forum like this it leads to people answering the same questions over and over again. Further still, it's not really going to help the person develop any ability to find answers himself later down the line. They'll just keep running back every time they come across a problem. If the question is relatively simple and it's something that's been answered time and time again, I don't see anything wrong with a simple "Google search/forum search" reply. Why help people that aren't willing to expend effort to help themselves? Of course there are times when people have obviously spent some time with an issue and come crawling here for help only to have someone link them to a very vague Google search that may or may not help them at all, but I don't think that it's a huge problem on this forum. Most people here seem to help more than paid professionals would.
  14. instinKt

    Car racing game, some videos

    Looks good. Makes me think of a modern day "Stunts". I loved that game. Will it ship with a track editor? :D
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