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  1. Thanks, I removed quad shifting part in my engine . However that didn`t solve my issue , which means it is something different from the topic I started Thanks anyway
  2. Hi , When I tried to port a working FXAA D3D/HLSL shader to OGL / GLSL , the output looked like it was shifted. Unlike D3D , it seems pixel centers are not integers , but indexed as 0.5 , 1.5 , 2.5 ... Specifically I am interested in understanding how non-integer pixel centers could cause a difference and how it can be fixed/compensated for. ( Assuming that this is the root cause of my problem based on some threads I saw on web) Thanks
  3. Hi , As for this effect , I am trying to find a nice way to make "horizontal/vertical leak lines" to disappear. ( Horizontal example : http://active.tutsplus.com/tutorials/effects/create-a-retro-crt-distortion-effect-using-rgb-shifting/ 2nd cat photo in the page ) ( Vertical example : ) So for such an effect like this , how would you suggest me to implement it ? ( Not asking how to do it , but asking what to do ) Many thanks
  4. Tanzanite , thanks a lot for all your help , things are clear in my side now and as for my struct usage ofcourse I am not going to use rgb stuff inside structs like this , it was just for example.
  5. Hi all , I need to know the GLSL equivalent of HLSL VPOS semantics , which gives you screen space position as normalised ( in range of 0-1 and 0-1 for both dimensions ) . I checked gl_FragCoord but I dont think it is normalised. Could you advise about porting VPOS to GLSL ? many thanks in advance
  6. By the way as I have tested , I can use in out with structs so that I can share structs between shader stages. But I am trying to understand its pros and cons against non-uniform in/out interface blocks : // inside the vertex shader out struct test { ATTRIB(0) float red; ATTRIB(1) float green; ATTRIB(2) float blue; } ; test v_out; But I think that is working because I use I declare a global variable with that struct type ?
  7. Firstly I have an AMD card. 1. I am not supposed to use in/out qualifiers with structs ? Does that mean if I am going to share things between stages they should be either interfaces or just global variables using in/out qualifiers ? 2. In HLSL side, I am using semantics like TEXCOORD4_centroid , and I was planning to use something like layout(location=4) to match TEXCOORDs. And at the same time I want to specify that that variable should be sampled by centroid sampling method How can I achieve this ? 3. Regarding mixing `in centroid` with an `out struct` ,I was trying the code above in a vertex shader so that I want to output that struct and that is working like that. On the other hand the compiler doesn`t allow me to use centroid with out in a vertex shader but it just allows `centroid in` in a vertex shader.
  8. Hi everyone , I have some questions regarding porting HLSL to GLSL : 1. Regarding the HLSL shader framework I have , I have large structs with member variables which use semantics such as Color Color1 Vpos Vface Texcoord[N] and Texcoord[N]_centroid... As I understand , there are no semantics in GLSL , but built-in variables such gl_fragColor and so on. So my question is that what woud you suggest to port those structs with variables using semantics ? Shall I make member variables with semantics global or are there any other ways you could suggest ? 2. I can`t use `location` qualifier and `centroid in/out` qualifier at the same time I can have a struct like : out struct test { centroid in float red; layout(location = 1) float green; layout(location = 2) float blue; } ; but I cant have : out struct test { layout(location = 0) centroid in float red; layout(location = 1) float green; layout(location = 2) float blue; } ; The compiler says : `Location can be set only once ` On the other hand I can use `centroid in/out` qualifier together with location qualifier for a variable : layout(location = 0) centroid out float t1; So how can I use the centroid in/out qualifier at the same time with a location qualifier for a struct member ? 3. I am trying to understand the difference between a struct and an interface block( in/out/uniform ). I guess you can just create one instance of an interface so they will be just a set of global variables ?
  9. Is the site really rubbish ? I really am looking forward to hearing feedbacks , especially constructive ones thanks...
  10. Could you give a feedback considering the fact that I don`t have any prior graphics or game industry experience so I will apply for entry level jobs ? thanks in advance...
  11. First of all , thanks very much for spending your time and sharing your critiques : 1. Except from its being a low res movie , what techniques would you suggest to implement regarding content of the video to be able to make it impressive ? On the other hand , considering other 3 demos , would you suggest to put any of them to the front ? And I cant understand where I state I have talents in graphics ? First I wrote `I am focused` now I changed it to `passionate` , I hope that fixes the misleading statement because I will apply for `entry level` jobs 2. I have just 2 other videos in `demos section` for a PS3 project and a simple network programming. All programming credits are mine. But how can they have a huge difference in quality ?? Network programimng demo`s video captured in same style with my graphics demo. Regarding PS3 video , I used a simple cam recorder. 3. During electronics engineering course , I studied and practised Windows C++ programming , yes that makes me self taught During MSc ( what I really was after is not being educated but getting WORK PERMIT ) , I made self studies as crazy Regarding education part , I wrote them in reverse order by date. And during my electronics engieering , then I attended to CS lectures unofficially so that is related with there so that is why it is there. I am afraid I don`t agree with this on you , I think it is a matter of perspective. 4. I will try to re-arrange amount of `spaces` used per experience on the CV. Thanks for pointing to that out. Regarding my site , instead of using the headline `Graphics & Game Programming` , I changed it to `Graphics and Game Technologies` Plus , if you are pointing out to `Others` section , I think the title is not misleading because they already are not in demos section , they are just there because I enjoyed my time when working with them , they might be unrelated to game TECHNOLOGIES development I am aware so that is why I call`em the others 5. I am not directly interested in games , but directly interested in game technologies , that would be developing a part of an engine , working on graphics and special effects , maybe networking or physics. So thanks to your critique , I have changed the headline in the entrance as `Graphics & Game Technologies Programming` Ofcourse I did not have great time to specialize on all of those , so that is why I tried to build a graphics demo from scratch even it is not impressive and the others But regarding game technologies programming , what changes would you suggest to restate them ? How really can I restate them if my all past experiences had nothing directly todo with those The only thing I can offer with my past experiences is C/C++ development , but no engine no graphics no others
  12. Hi, I`d like to know your critiques for My portfolio thanks in advance
  13. akhin


    Any suggestions ?
  14. thanks , Nvidia demo seems very nice , actually all Nvidia demos look nice
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