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  1. brandonman

    PC Headphone cable twisting

    I have this exact same problem. My cable seems to be kind of cheap, and I've gotten quite a few breaks in the insulation on it that I had to scotch tape up because of this :/
  2. brandonman

    Russian Nuclear Power Plant: Interior

    Looks cool :D If you ever need any reference stuff for more Russian Nuclear Plants, I saw this page in a forum somewhere, has some seriously sweet pictures from inside one: (Warning: Tons of MASSIVE Pictures!) Even if you don't need references for any more projects, awe inspiring stuff, especially the controls about 2/3rds of the way down :) Cheers :D
  3. brandonman

    How are programming languages made?

    Assembly is generally a wrapper for hard-coded machine code (This is the stuff that is built right into the CPU. I could go on a long speech about how this works, but it does ;D)
  4. brandonman

    "Unlimited Detail"

    I don't have time to read this whole thread, but that technology looks pretty sweet! Like Ysaneya (Man, you have a tough name to pronounce ;P) said though, if there's no room for it to go procedural and be truly interactive, it's just a great concept for the present day that will most likely not do well. But hey, I'm sure procedural techniques and interactivity can be implemented! I think it looks pretty awesome. Hopefully they release a demo! (Btw: Orbital Fan? Love the name :D)
  5. brandonman

    Your favourite game?

    Sentimentally, I have to say that all the Pokemon games on the Game Boy/Game Boy Color. (GBA ones came along as I left that phase) I have to say Street Fighter II Turbo (So many memories playing that with my sister before she up and left to live with her Dad about 12 hours away. :/) Super Smash Brothers on the N64 was always fun to play with friends! I loved Star Wars Galaxies when I played it! Counter Strike Source is occupying most of my time nowadays.
  6. I hate having things open in new windows or tabs as well. If you want new tabs for things without that, do what I do: Middle Mouse Button! It works in every browser I've ever used.
  7. brandonman

    V5 UI: Top Navigation Bar, part 1

    Love it! Take your time superpig, that looks like it's indescribably tough to be coding up. Very thankful for all the work you're doing!
  8. brandonman

    Can I just say...

    <3 Gamdev <3 Drew, best Content Lead ever ;P
  9. brandonman

    Parabolic solar panel in space!

    As long as this geosynchronous orbit has no Line of Site to my house for the lasers, I'm good with it ^.^ It's REALLY a cool idea, it's just a matter of will they be able to keep the project going, or will it be cut with the economy the way it is. Hopefully it doesn't get scrapped, this really would be a nice step into the future!
  10. brandonman

    Best google logo ever

    Lol, I was JUST thinking when reading this thread an hour ago, "Hm, I wonder when they'll have Oscar" and WHAM, I open up google (Now I don't even know what for :D) and there's oscar to greet me! They read my mind! Now I need to stop thinking of the Dave Chapelle Sesame Street skit...
  11. brandonman

    social chat site for XNA developers

    Cool Idea! :D Now if only it had a section for us evil C++ programmers. ;P
  12. brandonman

    Help me name my MIPS simulator

    Go GNU style: MIM - MIM isn't MIPS. :D
  13. brandonman

    Frantic platformer?

    Hm, if you want something that is super intense simply because of difficulty, have a look at I wanna be the guy (That is probably THE hardest game ever. It's pretty intense because of that) I'm pretty sure it's not what you are envisioning, but maybe it could help with ideas.
  14. brandonman

    How can I display a bmp pic?

    Be forewarned, GLAUX, which nehe used in the bitmap tutorials, is pretty much dead. If I were you, I would use the .TGA tutorial there instead. It's a menial task to convert your bitmap to it. Good Luck!
  15. brandonman

    Review my website please! :D

    Ok, Site Design review rather than content review! First, as somebody else said, I think the blue, green, and black clash a bit too much. I'm not sure how I would change it myself. It actually looks fairly nice, it's just the colors that are an issue. Maybe a different color blue would help? Is the dating on your site off? It says the last one was published in 2008. Is that when it occured, because we are actually in 2009. ;) I navigated to the Tutorials page, then clicked 'Articles' at the bottom of the sidebar (it repeats for some reason o.O) and it 404'd. If I click the one in the hierchy that is under tutorials, it works well. Personally, I think the left sidebar navigation feels somewhat odd. For example, if I go to the tutorials page, the stuff comes out under tutorials as it should, but tutorials is on the sidebar list twice - once where it was before, and once at the top with the stuff under it. If I click "" at the top of the articles page, it says it is denied (tries to go to Appears it just moves up one directory when you click on the Header? I would change that ASAP!)
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