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  1. brandonman

    V5 UI: Top Navigation Bar, part 1

    Love it! Take your time superpig, that looks like it's indescribably tough to be coding up. Very thankful for all the work you're doing!
  2. brandonman

    Weekly Sitrep

    *Crosses fingers for a book in his shipment* ;)
  3. brandonman

    IE8 fixes, and chat client

    The chat looks nice! I'm getting the same error as staaf when viewing the sample topic in Google Chrome.
  4. brandonman

    Galaxy generation

    Ysaneya, You are to amazing for me. :P For some reason, I never realized the scope of TQFE until now. I can NOT wait for public testing on this. (If you ever want an alpha tester, let me know. ;) You never cease to amaze me with these images and videos. I wish I could live a few thousand years, because then, I might finally be able to gather enough skill to make something that could compare to your work :P Congrats on the progress!
  5. brandonman

    Respawn Bunker WIP, Part #2 (Lighting)

    I love you dgreen02! ;P Amazing screenshots! Can't wait to see this in action. Do you have any videos online, such as youtube, or even your own site?
  6. brandonman

    Weekly Sitrep

    I was wondering when we'd get 4E6 judging done :P Congrats to everyone who participated, I screwed around with a it a tiny bit when it started, but was pretty inexperienced at the time, and it didn't go anywhere. Maybe next time around...
  7. brandonman

    Oct 1. 2008 - Quick Status Update

    Epic. Makes me wonder what I look like ;)
  8. brandonman

    Emulators and neatened wiring

    Always cool seeing low level hardware projects. I'm currently working on my own CPU out of 74** TTL Logic chips. Difficult, but fun!
  9. brandonman

    It's Alive!

    Guess you didn't see my comment on the article about the input code. Well I'm a hobby roboticist along with programming, and think building a console/computer would be fun. Do you have any cool links to share? I've thought about making a 8x8? LED matrix and having a few atmega8's stringed up, and each output pin is assigned to 1 LED, but I somehow need to figure out how to implement a cartridge. I'm thinking somehow set up the cartridge as an in-circuit programmer somehow. Any ideas or links? Thanks!
  10. brandonman

    GDNet Behind the Scenes: GDNet Direct

    Cool article, this was really interesting!
  11. brandonman

    GDNet Behind the Scenes: GDNet Direct

    That's actually pretty interesting. Nice post!
  12. brandonman

    torque curve, transmission, sound

    Your game is coming along awesomely! I am just curious, what store-front do you use for your game? I am planning to use esellerate, do you think that would be OK?
  13. brandonman


    Hey, I've been building robots on and off for a year, and have a fair handle on electronics, and a kind of "Meh" one on microcontrollers. I have a few atemga8's laying around and have been interested in building my own console for a long time. I'm thinking of having 3 or 4 Atmega's, one controlling input. Then, I would somehow arrange the screen into 64 pixels (large blocks) and the programmer for the game just decides how to use these pixels to make something. As in, if you had pong, you would have 3 or 4 turned on on each side, and if the up was pressed, the paddle's top would be moved up 1 pixel, and the same for the bottom. I need to figure out a way to interface to a TV though, or use an LED matrix, which would seem to be expensive and time-consuming. I also need to think of how I'm going to link up the atmega's. Do you have any ideas?
  14. brandonman

    Help Wanted

    I like the one about the sonic fan game... "I learned dark-basic in 2007", and made the post in 2008, about a C++ game :D
  15. brandonman

    Help Wanted

    I like the one about the sonic fan game... I learned dark-basic in 2007, and made the post in 2008, about a C++ game :D
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