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  1. Noname266

    Need help on DirectX Programming

    I'm in Vietnam. Do you know where Vietnam is? Here I can't find either a book of DirectX programming or a library which has computers in connection with each other through internet regarding the purpose of downloading DirectX SDK.
  2. Noname266

    Need help on DirectX Programming

    How could I request a CD from Microsoft?
  3. Noname266

    Need help on DirectX Programming

    I'm using a dial-up connection and about 300MB of DXSDK is too big for me to download.
  4. Noname266

    Need help on DirectX Programming

    I'm having trouble with creating D3D devices. It usually throws an exception when I'm trying to create one. And what is D3DPresentParameter structure? How could I fill it?
  5. I'm a newbie in game programming and also interested in DirectX (Direct3D, DirectSound,etc.). Please help me.
  6. I'm using Managed Extensions for DirectX 9.0 . And I have trouble with how to create an D3d device.
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