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  1. Hello everybody! MoneyGame is a browser-based business simulation game. You can operate your own business, ranging from resource-creating factories to banks and holding companies. Trade public shares, floating currencies and resources on The Exchange. Other features include achievement badges and gambling games. Website: https://www.moneyga.me Any feedback is welcome! You can email us at money@saucersoftware.com. Best regards, D-Slicer
  2. D-Slicer


    A free browser-based business simulation game. Manage your own company, trade stock, speculate currencies and much more. The game features a realistic, fully player-driven economy. Create, trade and manage companies. Over 10 different company types including banks, holding and resource production. Invest in public company shares, resources and floating currencies via The Exchange. Features a selected set of countries and cities on a map, where you can locate your apartment building or retail store.
  3. D-Slicer

    Zezenia - 2D MMORPG

    Thanks for the nice comments! And yeah, it's not really original (I used those words in bold just for the sarcasm), but I'm trying to make it better - so far with not much luck. I'm not really a guy with much imagination, eh.
  4. D-Slicer

    Zezenia - 2D MMORPG

    I've fixed the links now. We bought a domain the other day and apparently my mod_rewrite messing didn't work out so well for the old links. :-)
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    Album for MoneyGame
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