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  1. I have recently started using the hammer editor in the source sdk. I had made a small map bassed in a garage. It all went well for a while, but when i compiled it and ran it, it was fine for 15 or so seconds before all the lighting went out, and the shotgun I have equiped turns smooth shaded, and the menu when paused wont appear. When the flashlight is turned on, the flashlight works, and the gun reverts to normal texturing. This problem happens whether I have the level lit by the default flat lighting( no light entities) or custom lighting(my own placed lighting). I tried to solve the problem for quite a while, but it didnt work, so I remade it, with just the brushes on the default textures, but the lights still go off. There are no reported leaks and it really causing me some confusion.It would be nice if someone could tell me what is causing this problem, and how can I solve it?
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