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22 Racing Series

Future physics real time strategy racing

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Wipeout Meets Gran Turismo

We love the high speed thrills of a Future Racer, and there's nothing like the immersive racing experience of a realistic Racing Sim, which got us thinking "What would happen if we combine the best of both genres and made a Future Physics Racer?" 

It's fast; it's easy to play; it's hard to master and it's a whole lot of fun! 
It's like taking your high powered super car into a waterslide, kicking it into overdrive and then hitting the nitrous.

Proving the Unreal

It's said that, theoretically, a current day racing car would be able to drive upside down at high speeds. Here's an article by Formula One 
Putting all the pieces together in a simulator, it turns out that this urban myth is actually true, but not so fun with a current day vehicle. 

Next, develop an engine with 1000+ bhp, re-engineered suspension, purpose built tyres, fully adjustable aerodynamics and an ECU programmed to help it all work together, and you end up with a racing experience with the perfect mix of terrifying and terrific.

Racing Precision vs Racing Strategy

It's a great challenge finding the best lines around a track and trying to put together the 'perfect' lap, but repetition need not be the only solution.

Collect resources as you drive (KERS) and spend it on either boosting or upgrading your vehicle during race-time. The right strategy might see you fall behind the field as you enact your build strategy and then drive double time to smoke them on the last lap to steal victory at the line.

Tournaments & Team Battles

With a range of events and game types, every aspect has been designed around making the best online multiplayer racing experience possible. 

Compete as an individual racer in your class to vie for the championship, or battle it out team v team with unique 'track/sector ownership' mechanics that will highlight a well oiled and orchestrated team. 

3D Driving

This is a race track like you've never played before. You can now use the walls and ceiling, meaning that the usual approach to finding the fastest lines around a track has now been flipped on it's head. Quite literally. 

But while you can now drive upside down, things do get twitchy when gravity's working against you, so use it with care! The faster you go the more downforce you create, so your ideal line will depend on your speed.

VR Ready

Not only is it a fun high-speed VR experience, but the improved 'sense of space' in VR immersion enables you to more accurately read track flow. 

An important racing technique is to 'look through the corner', and this is especially true in a racer where corners can now be diving downwards or arcing up and over your shoulder, so the fact that the fastest racing times so far have been set in VR is perhaps of little surprise.

Track Builder

With a third dimension to a physics based race track now possible, we've only just scratched the surface of this next frontier of track design. Use our in-game spline based track creation tool to create anything you can imagine and push the boundaries on what a race track can be. 

Share your track creations online with other track builders and racers and your tracks could find their way into the championship series.

Car Customisation

Change; Body kits, Engines, Capacitors, Swing arms, Rims and your Paint and Decals to customise your car to come up with the look you're after. Tune your vehicle to come up with the power delivery, downforce and suspension/handling settings that best suits your racing style. 

N.B. Performance upgrades are race-time game resource only spends. 


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