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Sling Bot Boarding

Robots on rocket powered snowboards, yup, it's pretty fun.


This started as a personal challenge to myself to build a complete game in 25 days. 
That worked out so well, it's still not done!  haha! :D
It's a game about robots, snowboarding on rocket powered snowboards, and it's a work in progress.
Currently Features:
  • Racing in player generated courses against computer controlled robots.*
  • Freestyle mode where you can explore the park without restriction, there are also some hoops you can jump through to earn rings(in-game currency).*
  • Rabbit chase mode, where you can earn rings for close-following another robot on a random course throughout the park.*
* - this feature may not yet be entirely complete. ;)



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  1. Developer
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  4. Status
    In Development
  5. Release Date
    December 25, 2018
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Development Team

Last updated 01/22/19
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