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Sling Bot Boarding

Robots on rocket powered snowboards, yup, it's pretty fun.


This started as a personal challenge to myself to build a complete game in 25 days. 
That worked out so well, it's still not done!  haha! :D
It's a game about robots, snowboarding on rocket powered snowboards, and it's a work in progress.
Currently Features:
  • Racing in player generated courses against computer controlled robots.*
  • Freestyle mode where you can explore the park without restriction, there are also some hoops you can jump through to earn rings(in-game currency).*
  • Rabbit chase mode, where you can earn rings for close-following another robot on a random course throughout the park.*
* - this feature may not yet be entirely complete. ;)



Add objectives such as point players to the right directions or next markers, skill animation when a player triggers certain animation moves or "skills" players gets rewarded, pivoting also including fall animation for players that require them to meet certain balancing rate (I recommend balance meter) and if they go off-balance or fall they restart from the beginning or previous checkpoints. This entices game next to better graphics which you should do as the last resorts I love to see your game become successful keep up the development, friend.

Watching as many snowboarding videos and play as many snowboard video-games even steal ideas from them if you have too or snowboarding videos off YouTube.


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Just saw this, sorry.  It's still actively in development my friend, it's not a normal snowboarding game.  Normal snowboards don't have rocket engines or robotic pilots who throw exploding snowballs. ;)  Falling off the board won't really be an option either as riding skill isn't the point of the game. :D  Also, significantly better graphics are out of my development range at the moment.  Hardware limitations on my dev machine, so I'm presently targeting web and mobile only.

Thanks for the feedback!

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    In Development
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    December 25, 2018
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Last updated 03/02/19
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