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Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day

Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day is a heartwarming tale about a group of friends trying to survive in a mad world.


Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day is a heartwarming tale following a group of unlikely friends.  The game is guaranteed fun for all the family envisioning Jesus's return to a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by radical socialism and religious fanatic terrorists. With the complete downfall of worldwide civilization and the freedom, liberty and independence the free world once took for granted now nothing more than a distant memory, it is up to he without sin to cast thy first bullet.


As friends become enemies and enemies become friends, who can J.C trust in a world that has lost its way?


The player takes the role of Jesus (or a host of other playable characters) and must run-and-gun their way through capital cities around the globe, leaving a wave of dead terrorists and carnage in his path. Arm yourself with a large arsenal of customizable and upgradable weapons, body armour, and everything else a hero needs to take on the evil that is the radical socialism and terrorism plaguing the Earth. 


Guest Melissa


This is disgusting.  

Targeting groups of people, using Jesus to do it.  Developers are obviously evil.

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Guest Jeffrey


In times like these, this is the game our ravaged world needs.

I'm genuinely looking forward to it.

It's kinda sad to see a community set on accepting everyone and everything being this outraged about SATIRE IN A F*ING VIDEO GAME and even going as far as to even shut down their website and their PayPal...

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Last updated 01/11/19
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