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Dread Quest Arena

A fast-paced and challenging 2d platformer with RPG mechanics.




Upcoming update announcement

dqa bolt2

Dread Quest Arena Project will be updated in early/mid January. The project will most likely be renamed to fit the new scope. As such you can expect big changes, campaign mode, new worlds to explore, new enemies, skills system rework and mechanics improvements.

You can keep track of upcoming updates at:



Update will include:

New game mode (Campaign)

Instead of playing single arena you will be able to travel trough series of randomized worlds, each with it's own unique features and boss which will appear at certain stage of survival.

New Skills and modifiers

At least 5 new skills plus a dozen of various upgrades which will open new ways of combining skills together.

Expanded skill system

Along with new skills the skill bar will be expanded as well. This will open new options to play and much deeper combat gameplay.

Unlimited Mode (Arena)

In this mode you can master each world seperately and escalate the stage endlessly.

More Mechanics

Reworked super jump, dodge, new power ups and unlockable content.



Demo Download Link: www.indiedb.com/games/dread-quest-arena/downloads/dread-quest-arena#downloadsform

Gameplay Trailer:

Profile and news: https://www.indiedb.com/games/dread-quest-arena

Quick facts about the Gameplay:


You fight randomly generated enemies on arena
Monsters constantly try to push you of the platforms
There are global effects that can affect both player and monsters
Power ups can spawn randomly on the arena
You can level up your devil and increase his stats and power
You are able to gain new abilities and/or alter them
New powers can be purchased with coins that you can farm in the arena
Reaching high stages is the key for fast leveling of your character

Main Features:

Fast-Paced Combat - Fight masses of randomly spawned enemies and dispatch them with modern skill combinations.



World Events - Occasionally the game world is altered with world effects that affect both player and enemies. Quakes, Monster Invasions, absolute darkness and more.



Power UP - Collect Power Ups, bombs, power gems and treasure coins to unlock new abilities.



Progression System - When you get REKT it's not over, with collected treasure coins you can upgrade your character and unlock new abilities.


Unlockables - Track your best runs, score, stats and progression.





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Last updated 12/06/18
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