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Dark Lord Beholder

A Dungeon Crawler RPG similar to Lands of Lore and Eye of the Beholder.


I am developing one new Dungeon Crawler role playing game with name "Dark Lord Beholder". It will be the continuation of the classic role playing game "Eye of the Beholder".

The game will have very similar interface and game play like "Lands of Lore 1". But there will be new features in the game engine, including weather effects, out doors environments, smooth animation, narration, advanced artificial intelligence in monsters, party management, text adventure elements, new unique graphics, quests, shops, currency system, crafting system and new unique character generation. You will have and ability to create your own adventures with the Adventure Maker software which will be included with the game.

The project is currently under development and the new demo is not ready yet.

In some time you will see a video and when a playable demo will be released I will upload it.


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    Role Playing
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    In Development
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Last updated 01/01/19
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