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The Political and Military Simulator


So what is this game about?

Upheaval is inspired by the the classic Amiga game of 1990, Conflict. Conflict was a simple game (straightforward diplomatic and military choices), yet it was quite intense with the political and military drama that arose. It could also be completed in a lunch break, which made it a nice quick distraction.

The goal of Upheaval, is to be the last surviving force in the conflict area. This is done by diplomatic, insurgency and military action. Can you balance your options to survive the conflict? 

Upheaval's initial scenario is an alternative China South Sea Dispute, however my aim is to allow different countries/weapon systems/diplomatic choices via mod support, allowing people to create their own scenarios.

What next?

I'm constantly working on the game, but the game is currently a solo development. That means progress is slow but steady. Current plans are:-

  • Mod support as mentioned, so can add and modify scenarios.
  • I'm looking for a graphic artist to help improve current placeholder graphics.
  • Hopefully will receive feedback from the community, to improve balancing, ideas and comments.


I have a recently released a free prototype on Itch.io, here:- Upheaval. Hopefully this will develop into a fully functioning game. At which point the game will likely become a paid product and will look to get the game on other platforms (steam, etc.).


Sounds interesting. This was actually one of my ideas as well with my first game. how exactly do you plan on balancing the three? What game mechanics etc?

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Sorry for delay getting back to you, i seemed to have missed the notification 🙁

Currently the game mechanics are pretty simply, relationship levels between all the countries, an initial disposition (somewhat random, so repeat games are different), and an insurgency / security levels. Each turn there's a chance for any of these to change, with your diplomatic and insurgency choices, adding more weight.

The military side of things, can affect diplomatic relations (negatively), if you build troops up. But apart from that, are currently only to resolve battles.

Hope that's answered some of your questions. Feel free to ask further q's, or if i've not quite grasped what you asked for please let me know. Would also be good to hear what ideas you had for a similar game.



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Last updated 01/15/19
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