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Dungeon Crawler Challenge

Search through the labyrinthine depths to retreive the Ban Hammer.




Quest for the Ban Hammer

Entry for Dungeon Crawler Challenge


Explore the Lounge basement for the Ban Hammer and return with it to the Lounge. Snail enemies rush the player throwing him into the air potentially knocking him into the water to his death. Use crystals to light your way and mark areas that you have explored.

Objective is described by conversing with character in the Lounge level.


  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • Q - Jump
  • W - Attack (only effective with weapon)
  • Number keys - Interact / Pick up item
  • I - Inventory
  • D - Drop
  • Esc - Menu / Pause

Stationary Obstacles

  • Darkness
  • Water


  • Various weapons (Ban Hammer, Long Sword, and Club give best range or effectiveness while Dagger has the lowest).
  • Backpack (equip to carry multiple items)
  • Light Crystals (3 kinds with different levels of illumination)
  • Glasses (Illuminate the entire play area when equipped)
  • Various clothing that is just decorative.
  • A few miscellaneous objects placed in levels for decoration.
  • Pixels (credit item drop from enemies with no way to spend or use)

Gamedev.net Reference / Easter Egg

  • GD.net logo used on sign to return to Lounge level.
  • Some subtle content references.

Known Bugs / Issues

  • The Equipment / Inventory interface is a little quirky. Attempts to equip a weapon that's already in the PC's hand has been known to cause a crash.
  • Drops by enemies are leaving a solid, invisible, collidable space. This space can be jumped over.
  • Occasional crash that is difficult to reproduce which seems related to the collidable space left from enemy drops.
  • Debug functionality needs to be disabled.
  • Dagger and Short Sword weapons are very difficult to fight with. Not a bug as much as a design issue.
  • Can only hold one item in hands at a time leaving no way to make use of a light and weapon at the same time. Backpack can be used to carry other stuff.





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    February 16, 2019
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Last updated 02/19/19
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