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Fast-paced, 3D space combat



Humanity's warlike ways have continued into the space age. In Hypergate, you play a new recruit of the Novan Interplanetary Alliance---and your side is losing a war that could cost more than your lives alone. Master space fighter combat amid a crumbling Alliance. Shoot your way through enemy fleets. Fight in a single-player campaign, or build your own battles for single-player mode or for LAN play with friends. Pilot your fighter using the mouse, keyboard, or your controller of choice.


Single-Player Campaign

Fight for the Alliance and play a 10-mission campaign as a new recruit. During the campaign, you will engage in combat against a variety of fighters and heavily-armed cruisers. Choose strategic targets to limit enemy reinforcements and maximize your probability of success. Total campaign play time is approximately 2 hours and includes a brief tutorial mission.


Instant Action

Build your own customized battles, whether they're small skirmishes or massive multi-fleet assaults! Configure the presence and number of fighters, cruisers, and reinforcement gates. Up to five different fleets of any of the three factions are supported. This gameplay mode supports both single-player and LAN play.


Upgrade Your Ship

Collect credits in the single-player campaign and purchase upgrades for your fighter! Four levels of upgrades are supported for four different components: shields, laser cannons, missile packs, and coolant.


Other Features

  • Full controller, keyboard, and mouse support
  • Support for 21:9, 32:9, 43:18, and other high-resolution and widescreen monitors
  • Fight against a variety of enemy targets: fighters, cruisers, turrets, space gates, and more
  • Configurable graphics and audio settings for optimal gameplay experience
  • Fly with automatic horizon leveling for beginners, or instead control yaw, pitch, and roll manually for full orientation control
  • Online leaderboard and 30 achievements


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    December 20, 2018
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Last updated 02/10/19
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