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Massively Multiplayer Online Real-time Role-playing Game


Soulforged is a passion project that aims to create a compelling, persistent fantasy world, with meaningful choices and interactions, full of exploration, discovery and epic stories.

Soulforged takes a unique approach to make the world compelling and user actions impactful by having all players present in the game at all times and the actions undertaken by player characters take real time to complete. This makes the player interaction with the game not entirely dissimilar to a tamagotchi.

Find out more and play the early version of the game at https://soulforged.net

You might want to check out our Feature List.


Hi SoulForged,

I'm interested in composing soundtrack music for this game.  I will do it for free.  Link below is my portfolio of work.  I've been playing videogames and writing music all my life as a hobby, but now want to take it to the next level.  I am willing to make any and all kinds of music, I have the tools and resources to produce many genres.

Let me know, my email is norourke71@outlook.com.

Thank you,

Neil W. O'Rourke



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On 2/28/2019 at 5:37 PM, norourke71 said:

Hi SoulForged,


Thank you for reaching out Neil!

I've been checking out your songs and I quite like them, nice work!

As for my game - I have some very specific plans for music, but I don't expect to be working on that in the immediate future - I have a backlog of items to address and music is planned for a bit later down the line. Thank you for offering thou!

Kind regards,

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For anyone interested what this game has to offer in the current state - you might want to check out our just added Feature List!


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Last updated 03/13/19
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