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Fort Hero

Fort Hero is your personal gaming coach. It includes exercises and drills that will help you build faster, train smarter, and take your gameplay to the pro level.


I've released a few games on Xbox but this is my first game I will be completing in 3D, which has been really fun.

This game is meant to be a trainer for building games, the third person shooter ones that allow you to build walls, so it includes drills and strategy exercises to become a better player. The concept could be comparable to batting cages for baseball or shooting and ball handling drills in basketball, focusing on the competitive aspects of gaming.

Info at fortherogame.com

Teaser Trailer: 



Guest Abot fort hero


What can I play fort hero on

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Guest About fort hero


What can I play fort hero on

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On 3/12/2019 at 4:30 PM, Guest Abot fort hero said:

What can I play fort hero on

Fort Hero will be on PC Xbox and PS4, with plans to go to ios and android after.

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Last updated 03/24/19
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