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Space Asteroid Mining Game & Orbital Gravity Simulator


Make your way from Earth to any unlocked asteroid and mine mineral Ore from low orbit.  Make it back to Earth while conserving fuel and time, nabbing credit coins and power ups along the way.  Stay in the hyperdrive-enabled navigation rings to reduce your total travel time.  Sell your ore at Earth station for variable prices which in part depend on the success or failure of advanced R&D experiments in new gravity drives and other ideas from your employer The Orbital Mining Corporation.

Or if you don’t want to risk running out of fuel in space, just play around in the simulator and resize the entire solar system to your liking with the touch of your finger.  Make the planets and unlocked asteroids larger or smaller, faster or slower, change things from deterministic (always in a path) to true gravity based and then change gravity to watch the solar system’s nice orbits collapse into chaotic patterns. 


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    March 7, 2019
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Last updated 03/09/19
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