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Wayward Vale

Multiplayer Fantasy Role Playing & Social Game For Adults


Wayward Vale is first and foremost an adult game with dark fantasy themes. Set in a faux-medieval fantasy world where laws are lax and corruption is everywhere. Life is cheap, especially yours.


Not just a chat room

The goal for Wayward Vale was to create a very adult fantasy playground that was more than just a glorified chat room. To that end, there will be a full and broad crafting and professions system with plenty of levelling grind, as well as trading with markets and shops to round out the economy. At every stage of crafting; from harvesting to skilled artificing, the immediate environment around the crafter will consist of many nodes or stations to allow for groups of people to interact socially.


What can I be?

There will be a number of possible professions, though a single character may only learn a maximum of six. Economy based professions like harvesting, processing materials, and production of high quality items. Mercantile professions such as salesmen and women, property dealers, and slave marketeers. Social professions including exotic dancers, prostitutes, submissives and dominants. Or maybe roguish professions like thieves, assassins, mercenaries. Something for everyone is the key.


Far too much hard work

If this all sounds like too much hard work, there is no need to do anything more than prop up the bar in the nearest tavern and just chat and listen to the world go by. Wayward Vale has no end-game, so there is no final goal to march towards. It's all about socialising and the journey. If other players are happy (or frightened) to see you, then congratulations, you've succeeded and made a name for yourself.


How about player housing?

Absolutely. You can rent any vacant abode that you can afford. Make it nice and cosy, keep your belongings there, maybe even have a shop front to sell your wares. Rent as many as you want, and sublet them too. Become a property baron. As long as you pay your monthly rents, the property deeds are safe - or as safe as anything is in Wayward Vale. I.e. not safe at all.


Sex. ageing, progeny, and perma-death

Will there be sex? Yes of course! Will my characters grow old and die? Absolutely. Can I pass my skills and wealth on to the next generation? Within limits, yes, it's the circle of life. Perma-death? If your character is killed rather than knocked-out, that's it. Over. Their inventory and equipped items are available for scavenging, and banked items can be left for loved ones, or children. So can I play children? Absolutely not. No. When you claim a child, they "suddenly" become mature. Whatever the age of maturity is in your country, that is the age they become.


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    In Development
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Last updated 03/13/19
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