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Challenging yet simple addictive puzzle game, just create groups of numbers!


A simply yet challenging puzzle game, all you have to do is create a group of dots of the same value.  When you see a group then drag you finger over them, the last selected dot in the group will increase in value and the rest will disappear.

The bigger the group you can find the quicker the bonuses will appear.

There are no moves or time limit so play at your own pace, either for a quick casual game or maybe a long strategy game to get that high score.

With it's simple interface and gameplay you will be playing for hours.

Look out for the "Score" and "Multiplier" bonuses which will help you rise through the leaderboard, see if you can be the best in the world with a weekly or total leaderboard.

Also why not see if you can get all the achievements within the game!

So why not give this really additive game a go! you will be hooked for hours.



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    March 6, 2019
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Last updated 03/12/19
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