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Tech Tycoon

A Tycoon game based off of our experience working in IT and Retail.

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Tech Tycoon is an isometric business management game based off of my experience in the IT and Customer Service industry.
Every customer that comes through the door is unique, and will require a well-suited employee to get the job done properly and maximize profit. 

Badges and Attributes
Our Badges and Attributes system is how we make every person, whether employee or customer, in the world of Tech Tycoon feel unique.

Attributes are on a scale of 1 to 10, and work in the same way stats work in RPGs. 
An example attribute in Tech Tycoon for an employee is 'Customer Service'. Which affects service quality, dialogue, tip amount, and more!

Badges are binary. Either you have it, or you don't. Currently there are 17 implemented badges, with 36 total planned badges.
Like attributes, both customers and employees can have badges. Some will have no badge, some will have 3+. Some badges are good, some are bad.
An example badge for a customer is 'Entitled'. Which increases the chance that a customer will leave a review. Oh yea, reviews!

Reviews are generated based off of the interaction between the customer and the employee. The chances of a review being generated are increased if the interaction was extreme. Meaning, that a mediocre employee won't get as many reviews as a really good one, or a really bad one.
Also, reviews affect traffic! If you want a lot of customers you better be sure to have at least a 4 star average review rating!


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Last updated 04/19/19
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