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An isometric diablo-like, souls-like RPG.


I always loved the Diablo franchise and 2 years ago I wanted to make my dreamgame in Unity3D. But I failed. And now I give it another try, now with more knowledge and patience :)

I will also work on this project as my thesis so I must stick to it for at least 1,5 years.

And as usual, I'll make videos about my progress, so I can get some feedback, and make a friendly community.

My main directions are:

  • randomly generated maps,
  • dark and gothic atmosphere,
  • non-linear world and story,
  • combining elements of Diablo, Dark Souls, and Rogue,
  • flexible playstyles,
  • also playable with friends.

I can't really talk about specifics yet because they are still undecided, and currently I am only implementing the basics of the game.

Click here for my Aeldun playlist,

And click here for my channel.



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    Role Playing
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    In Development
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Last updated 04/20/19
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