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Arguing Game

An educational game about how to argue.




This is a beta release. I may change somethings soon after receiving some feedback.

Sorry for the laziness with the project's art. I really don't know how to make it.

Most of the information for this game is in the file "README BEFORE PLAYING" that you can download from here.

But just in general: This is a game where you'll argue against various opponents and then "explain" the each arguement you had after you "win" it. It focuses on the fundementals of critical thinking in both science and philosophy.

It's a simple console application. I'm not skilled at creating any other type of software.

The game is free, of course, and you're welcome to distribute it anywhere you want.

I'm very, very open to feedback, so feel free to comment on anything you want, I won't bite you.


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Last updated 02/02/18
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