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SCILL – Unique Real-Time Player Engagement Platform


SCILL™ Play empowers players with access to real-time challenges specifically tailored to fit their individual profile and playstyle. With minimal development effort, SCILL can significantly increase entertainment value, social interaction, and long-term motivation in current and future videogames.

How does SCILL Play work? Using the free iOS or Android app, players have access to bespoke challenges that are customized to the game matching individual playstyles. During subsequent game sessions, the service evaluates the online log files of the respective game and uses the data to determine whether the goals set have been successfully achieved. SCILL Play will reward success through achievements, rankings and exclusive prizes.

SCILL Play launches in Summer 2019. Developers and publishers are invited to participate in the SCILL Play Beta. Further information can be found at www.scillgame.com.

SCILL Announcement EN - Press Release.pdf


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Last updated 05/09/19
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