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Evil Is Eternal


Evil is Eternal is a single player isometric hack and slash action RPG that echoes the days of 90's and early 00's ARPG's. Along the player's travels they stumble upon a town that has been the victim of some grisly horrors. Demonic possessions and other worldly creatures wreak havoc as you become intertwined in the hellish plot of a demomnic uprising. You as the player are not a supreme being or almighty hero. You are but a mortal combatant against an everlasting evil. The game world will consist of dark and grim locations, characters, and subject matter. Rather than clear a cellar of rats you will be pursuing a possessed priest that has abducted some of the town children. Players will have 3 classes to choose from. Each with their own unique look, stats, and abilities. 

As of now all of the sound effects are place holder and are borrowed from my favorite game of all time Diablo 2.

Visit my Youtube channel for more videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ua8EddAfalym9DO-mfIuw







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    Role Playing
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    In Development
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Last updated 05/14/19
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