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NOTE: This is a very rough version of this challenge game as I submitted what I had within a few days of work to meet the requirement. The game itself is part of my main challenge and will be re-worked.


How to Play:

Use the AWSD keys to move. You will not be able to use D to move right until the boss stage as the camera auto scrolls you.

Press Q to activate your Shield Cell. This allows you to take fatal damage and still survive.

Press E to shot your ability shot in order to absorb the shot power of either the single shot enemy or three-way shot enemy. You also get 10 shots per landed shot on those enemies with ammo.

Press Spacebar to shoot your spike shot. (You can hold it down to keep shooting)


There will be two types of aliens that can shoot you.

You also come across an enemy with four spiked rods which can be destroyed individually, or all at once if you hit the center.

There is another similar enemy but with two shielded rods which cannot be destroyed unless you hit the center.

The final enemy is a suicide drone that flies into you.


The boss is the corrupted heart which will toggle a shield off and on. The boss will also spawn enemies and after two cycles provide you with a ammo drop.


Known Issues:

- Audio bug (looping music, and action sound not triggering) *Will fix shortly [FIXED]

- Ability bug where new abilities don't activate if an old one is present [FIXED]

- Collision layers need some re-work as this was very rushed


Part of the GameDev.net challenge here:

Also an ongoing project as my own challenge here:


Work in progress....


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Last updated 06/01/19
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