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Ancient Greece Fantasy Online RGP


Online role playing game in an ancient Greece setting at the time of the Trojan war.

I guess this a technical project, not so much an art project, that's why there is a screenshot from the server, not the client 🤣.


The source code is licensed under the MIT License and can be downloaded from the Github repository. The assets are a different story, I'm not going to upload/check in some GBs of binary data.

Features so far

  • Uses a single TCP stream for the game protocol. This is not a shooter or action game, more like a classical online RPG.
  • Database back-end is currently PostreSQL.
  • Instanced world.
  • Encrypted Game and Login Protocol with DH key exchange.
  • Entity interpolation, client prediction.
  • Spawn any number of server which may have heavy load (game, file server) even on different hardware.
  • Chat: Local (map), Guild, Party and Whisper chat, even across different game server.
  • Client and server use the same scene file.
  • Navigation using Recast/Detour.
  • Server and Client runs on Windows and Linux. However, the Client has some bugs on Linux.
  • Server can be compiled as NT service which also takes care of the startup order. On Linux they can run as Daemons under systemd.
  • Optional Browser Admin interface to control servers, view/edit the database.


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  1. Developer
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    Role Playing
  4. Status
    In Development
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Development Team


Last updated 08/24/19
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