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Hagality Online MMORPG


We are two enthusiasts who want to create a game MMORPG inspired by the Tibia game which has a unique combat mechanics which you will not find in any other game, thanks to it is so amazing and unique. We would like to create this in 3D version, that will have on additional assets such as three-dimensional appearance, animations of characters and monsters, or amazing effects of witchcraft.
We met while playing Tibia, one day we came up with an idea to see how such a game would look in 3D, we decided to check it and created a piece of the map."Fedor as a Programmer" took care of writing the code and the heart of the game "Pikus while as Graphic" / animations / effects and looks / You can see it in movies and photos.
As a result, the effect was amazing and we liked it so much so we decided to join forces and started to write the game from scratch in Unity 3D engine.

Currently, we want to create a WarServer so that players can have fun and in this time we will devote our time and create the entire MMORPG. This is our dream for several years, we would like to create it because there is no such game yet.
At this moment we can to devote 1/3 of the time to create the game. Thanks to your generosity and support, the game can be created much faster.
If you think that we will succeed and you would like to contribute in some way to the creation of the Hagality Online MMORPG you dream about as much as we can contribute to, just start supporting us.
And we will not let you down because we believe that it will be something unique, amazing something that nobody has created yet.
Fedor worked on creating server for 8 month, here is result


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    In Development
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    July 30, 2019
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Last updated 07/07/19
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