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A vertical slice of an isometric boss battle roguelite.




Ygritte is a Boss Battle inspired by the Legend of Zelda series and Monster Hunter.


Different Enemy behaviors based on amount of health

Pixel Art

Adjustable Volume and UI levels

Two scenes - one for practicing and one for the Real Fight

Slowing down time sometimes

Ygritte is (probably) minimally playable with a gamepad, but is untested. Keyboard and Mouse is recommended.

Character Abilities and Controls

Walk / Sprint
WASD or Joystick,  shift or X to toggle sprint

Shoot Crossbow
left mouse button / A, with a cooldown

Shield / Deflect
hold right mouse button /  right bumper / left bumper to hold shield up. Attacking while doing so to deflect with a cooldown. (Also you move slower while shield is up.)

Dash / Dodge
Q / E / Y button while moving in a direction

Melee / Bash / Stun
left mouse button / A while in melee range of enemy

Start / Select / Escape
Pause / unpause the game


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    August 4, 2019
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Development Team


Last updated 08/05/19
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