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Far-Out is a retro-futuristic first-person survival adventure with full freedom action and multiple endings.


Platfom: Xbox One, PS4 (PC, Linux, MacOS)



"You were lucky to stay alive, but will you survive?"

Far-Out is a hardcore retro-futuristic immersive sim adventure made with old adventure games in mind such as Space Quest, The Dig, Full Throttle, etc. 

In this game you will face a really old-school challenge, with no map arrows, no one will lead you and tell you what to do. This is a one-man show with full freedom action where you are able to do whatever you want to, but remember, you need to survive!

Follow the lone survivor of the Selene’s crew, regular lab technician Zack Paterson. He woke up somewhere that he wasn't supposed to. Find out what happened to the ship, the crew, and how to survive.

• Full freedom action, resulting in many possible endings! 

• Incredible music compositions that matches gameplay pace.

• Immersive and interactive futuristic environment.

• Hidden and unique game mechanics, surprises and danger.

• High replayability.

• Random events.

• Play to build your own story!

...and dozens of other things that you'll have to discover on your own!


Developed by Alexander Hagelstein

Music by Michael Donner

Voice acting by Nic Mepham as Zack Paterson


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Last updated 08/08/19
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