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Riley Entertainment Pong

It's Pong, with options!


Yes, it's Pong!  With options!

This version of Pong is my first personal foray back into the world of game development.  After many years of working as a web application developer, my persistent need to get back to what I love has resulted in this.  ;)

This was initially built upon a Pong tutorial found on noobtuts.com.  I then transformed it into my own creation, adding several features:

  • Added a "Press ENTER to Start" screen, and a way to pause.
  • Added a "Match Won" screen when a player reaches 10 points.
  • Added game options for paddle size and ball speed.
  • Added several AI options for a computer-controlled paddle.



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    August 17, 2019
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Last updated 08/18/19
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