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Riley Entertainment - The Garden of Eating

Classic "Snake" clone, but with lots of gameplay options!




The Garden of Eating will be my second entry here on gamedev.net, a clone of the classic "Snake" game.  I'll be using this as a platform to evaluate the SFML library, and to gain further experience in game development in general!

Version 1.1 is available on my GitHub account!

My main goals at the outset:

  • Option to play in a window or full screen.
  • 2D graphics using sprites.
  • Some basic sound effects and background music.

Now that I've achieved the basic game, my plan for "phase 2" is to add something of a story-based game play mode:

  • Brief story intro.
  • Add different types of fruits / veggies, with different effects on the snake.
  • Add obstacles on the playing field.
  • Progress through multiple levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Graphics and animation enhancements.
  • Controlled music loops that adapt to the game play.



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    August 31, 2019
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Last updated 09/14/19
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