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The Seven Spells Of Destruction

A lore-heavy third person action adventure RPG

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The Seven Spells of Destruction is a third person single player open world RPG, set in the continent of Utopia in a fantasy setting with some sci-fi elements.

This game is the continuation of a project which has been in development in various forms since I was 13, originally being created (and finished as a project) twice, once as a choose-your-own-adventure style novel, and a few years later as a web based version of the same.

This third iteration will be the final version of this game, coming to steam via early access with an extremely long development cycle.

It has been on hold for many years whilst I gained experience in Unreal Engine 4 and completed other projects, once these other projects are completed, development on this project will restart in earnest, as I now have a sizeable collection of usable assets and enough experience to give this game the TLC it deserves.


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    Role Playing
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    In Development
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Last updated 08/26/19
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