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Kamigami: The Battle of Gods

Mythology Tactical Card Game





   Kamigami, a card game that gone viral around the globe. You as an addicted in card games couldn't resist could you? Becoming one of the best players in the world and achieving a second place in the wolrd hall of fame. It all seemed to go as expected, is there any way to be better?

   What seemed like a dream, you face yourself in a completely different world. what looked like to be just a simple card game is an ancient game and all mythological stories are much more real than you could ever imagine. The gods are being controlled and for some reason you have the power to change your and their destiny with what should just be a card game!

   Created by the deities Athena, Fukurokuju, Mimir and Thot, the gods of wisdowm. Kamigami was a game made so that gods could test themselves in a knowledge and strategy game while the cards itself also represented the gods strength. In a world of war, this creation was called upon to relieve the destruction and chaos. It did look like a good plan didn't it? Well the rules did get crossed in the human world. Why did that happen? How did you appear in the gods realm? How did the gods even get out of control? Questions only answered after dueling, as the Kamigami's rules are absolute!



Main Menu
All games need a main menu right? Well this was given a special attention! At all there will be 12 full original concepts on the menu, they will be randomized all time you access it, and their animation will be personal!

The duel
Yes! The main system of the game, the rules are yet to be revealed. What you can know by now is that the Kamigami is a tactical card game, very easy to learn, extremely difficult to master. You better be excited, because it will be something never seen in other card games!

Well if you are going to play a card game, I guess you need to pack up with boosters right? Use up all the game money you get from beati... I mean winning and make the deck of your dreams!

The campaign will be a visual novel style game, you will get to learn about mythological creatures and deities! As you unreveal the lore of the game, you will see its connection with the ancient stories!

Booster opening
Bought your booster packs? Time to open them! In an exclusive and beautiful animation you will get to know if that special rare card is going to be unpacked!

Deck building
Got the booster packs, opened them up? Now its time to build your deck! Up to 99 decks can be built simultaneously, with a very intuitive design and easy mechanics you will lose a couple of hours getting that perfect deck out of the paper.

Card combination
You read it right? Yes! Here you will be able to combine cards to getter better ranks and unleash the full potential of the gods, will you be able to make a full rank S card?



You were waiting for this? The cards from the game! They will mostly consist of original concepts for the game!




If you wish, subscribe into our youtube channel!




A special thanks to all those who read until here! Hope you enjoy the hard work we are putting into this game!
Geraldo de Rívia for the design
Kiba, Yaya-chan, Eve, Neko Potato, Letícia Yuki for the arts
Nick Kaeddalus for the soundtrack


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Last updated 08/23/19
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