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linguistical dungeon crawler


Bolygó is a rogue-like rpg dungeon crawl typing game project with pixel art graphics and a focus on funny linguistics.

The idea

Bolygó is an optimistic crossover of several genres into a singular videogame with pixel art graphics. In essence, Bolygó is a rogue-like dungeon crawler where the player creates a character and explore randomly generated dungeons. As they loot chests and defeat monsters, the player's character gains experience, levels, increases its statistics, promotes to higher classes and unlocks new spells and abilities. All of this is very classic.

The twist

To out-manoeuvre such simplicity, Bolygó mixes things up with another genre, the typing game. Typing games are great fun and train your finger muscles like crazy. In Bolygó, the typing takes the shape of a linguistical challenge: during combat, spells and abilities call upon high energies akin to magic; that magic reacts to unique words only--or rather, to a unique language. As such, commands during combat must be typed in an artificial, fictional language (that does not exist otherwise). The player must learn its words of power, but also how to use them. Complex use of the language's grammar as well as attempts at poetry are rewarded with stronger or different effects.

The language is written with a modified version of the latin alphabet--after all, most languages that use the latin alphabet use their own modified letters to represent sounds not featured in the original version. Those letters that you won't find on your keyboard are the keystone of advanced spellcraft and can be summoned through special combos. But beware, as time is fleeting.

Bolygó's battle system is more or less real-time and a clock ticks each turn away. Your foes will attack you during those turns and you must type fast if you want a shot at countering their assault. A powerful spell sure is interesting, but you might want to reconsider if the enemy has a devastating attack coming your way. Casting a defensive spell is a surefire way to ensure survival...

The unpleasant stuff

I currently am working alone on the project. I am using javascript; as such, it is currently a browser game. Porting to a standalone version could be done later using something like electron. If anyone would like to help, it goes without saying that two heads are better than one. I am not looking for new developers right now, but if you are experienced in pixel art, there's heaps of work to be done in that field too (do keep in mind that this is a hobby project)

A quick look at what's done already

Here's a test of how the game could open up:


(It is the very first time I've been doing pixel art, so criticism is welcome. There's always room for improvement!)

A (work in progress) vending machine that will act as the shop between dungeons. As you might notice, the game's overall theme is a mix between classic fantasy and a cyberpunky feel. The example character featured in pictures above and below needs some more work to get that theme all together.



A possible battle scene. The player's character is represented as some sort of smash brothers trophy (as it is a typing game, there is little movement, the trophy helps keeping that feeling together imn my opinion). The trophy is also used as a token to navigate the dungeon on the map.

The clock is visible below. Each turn is a set of 12 seconds during which the player and monsters can use attacks. Monsters' attacks are visible to the player on the clock from the beginning of the turn, allowing for counterplay.



Any feedback regarding the art, the ideas or the project, as well as any other question are welcome, as harsh as they may be!


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Last updated 09/12/19
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