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Fight your way through your nightmare in this dungeon crawler!





Oneiro is an original piece of work, meant to bring the player a unique experience by mixing the First Person genre with the Roguelite genre and focusing on melee for the combat. This game has started out as a school project, but it quickly grew into my personal favorite project, and I am fully dedicated to making this game the best that I can.


  • Destructible Random Generative Labyrinths - When the player decides to sleep, they will dream of a different Labyrinth each and every time. Different enemies, different treasures, and different weapons, all of which are generated around the player. Weapon Chambers will spawn around the map for the player to discover weapons and take on tougher enemies.
  • Items and Item Stacking Mechanic - A huge focus in this game is to collect as many items as you can; each item granting the player alterations to their stats, or even newfound abilities. Oneiro encourages collecting every single item, every single chance you get, and the game encourages it by allowing items to stack, to improve their effectiveness. There is no limit to stacking, and through this mechanic, the player can get really powerful in certain aspects, while lacking in others.
  • Enemy Variety - As of V 0.7.5 in Oneiro, there are 2 types of enemies; Normal, Elite. The difference is listed below: 
    • Normal enemies are spawned in the main section of the Labyrinth, and on top of the ceiling of the Labyrinth. These are enemies that are easy in 1 to 1 combat but can quickly overwhelm the player if they aren't careful.
    • Elite enemies are spawned in special locations, such as weapon chambers, or the stairs up to the peak of the Labyrinth. Elite enemies have a higher chance to drop items as a reward to the player for conquering a tough foe.
  • Weapons and Sub-types - Weapons are the player's main source of damage, and the Labyrinth starts you off with a Longsword, but you can find more through Weapon Chambers. These Weapon Chambers spawn away from the center of the Labyrinth, and contain 1 treasure, 1 Elite enemy, and 1 weapon. The further away from the center of the Labyrinth, the better weapon will be waiting for the player. The sub-types for weapons are as follows:
    • Swords are best known for their versatility, as they are the average weapon, not excelling in one stat, and an overall decent weapon type.
    • Sledgehammers are best known for a massive punch to their slow attacks and low combo. Sledgehammers can break down walls and ceilings quicker than any other weapons.
    • Spears are best known for their long reach, but low damage. Spears are the best weapon if the player wants to stay away from the enemy.
    • Karambits are known for their combo, but very short range. They have a high damage output, but the player needs to risk being right up close to the enemy.


I have many plans for this game, and I'm trying my hardest to execute them successfully, but as always, any support is appreciated, and you can help with that with any links here:

Official Discord Server: https://discord.gg/CuwKPpU
Twitter: https://twitter.com/zaffre_sheep
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/zaffresheep
Ko-Fi: https://www.ko-fi.com/zaffresheepgames


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Last updated 10/02/19
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