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Distilled Real-Time Strategy


A distillation of real-time strategy games.

The simplicity and comprehensive tutorial make it easy to jump into within minutes.

Both multiplayer and singleplayer mode are already implemented, the game is work in progress though and updates will follow.

Play the game in your web browser at play.drtsgame.com, no download required.

To contact other players or the developer, please see our forums at http://forum.distilled.games
We are looking forward to meet you there!


Not seen this project before, sounds interesting. Mobile site makes it unclear, are you advertising on GD or do you have a developer journal here?

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On 23/02/2018 at 8:10 PM, d000hg said:

Mobile site makes it unclear, are you advertising on GD or do you have a developer journal here?

Thank you for drawing my attention to this, I updated the site to fix this. I have a developer journal here at gamedev.net at 

and I will continue updating this.


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Heh, this is kinda cool :) I've always wanted to make a super streamlined RTS like this.  Spent half an hour on this; it plays nicely and I think you captured the essence of RTS's pretty well.

One thing I've noticed is the power dynamics are pretty linear; if you are ahead, you tend to stay ahead, and vice versa if you are behind.  Think it'd be cool to have certain nodes be stronger ("supply hubs") to make the maps more interesting, or add some sort of counter system.  Might be possible to add complexity without violating the spirit of the project.

Cool little game

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Last updated 05/28/18
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