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Aakrana: The Forgotten Lands

Fantasy MMO in Unity

Latest Updates from Slyxsith's Journal


This project will deliver a commercially viable online game platform that will be a testing ground for fantasy and RPG game ideas.

Initial Concepts: 

  • Base game will revolve around zone based land masses
  • Secondary feature will be player creatable "modules"/quests (think D&D modules) that are basically player created instances with story lines and quests. These modules will be part of a library of quests that players can run (think dungeons in World of Warcraft), rate and donate to the creator.
  • Monarchy system (Think Asheron's Call / Game of Thrones) which will be faction based and significantly impact how players interact with NPC families and each other.

Team Structure:

  • Mark MacPherson - Founder and Owner of FBN Studios and Lead Designer
    • Mark brings over a decade of multi-million dollar project management, team leadereship and system integration to the team. He has been pursing game development for over fifteen years and had the pleasure to work as a key consultant on some early triple A MMOs in the industry. One of the most memorable experiences with online RPG development came when in 2010, John De Margheriti (CEO and co-founder of Micro Forte and Big World Technologies) contacted Mark out of the blue and spoke for an hour on the phone encouraging him to not stop his MMO developmentand continue to pursue his indie development and game design dreams.
    • Mark's current skillsets include:
      • Torque, Unity 3D, C++ development 
      • C# scripting
      • DB management and interface scripting
      • Server management
      • Project management
      • Marketting
      • Business administration and roadmapping
  • Currently Seeking:
    • Level Designer - Currently looking for a skilled level designer for some initial zone building. Must have strong abilities with balancing realism and performance and demostateable experience in level optimization, LoD, occlusion and Unity 3D scene design. Current design styles are still evolving and open to discussion and creative inputs. Existing tools we are developing with are CTS, Gaia, Enviro and various effects and nature packages.
    • 3D Modeller - Accepting interested parties capable of producing commercially viable and optimized 3D models. Applicants should be able to demonstrate solid use of LoD and skin their own models. Current design styles are still evolving and open to discussion and creative inputs.
    • 3D Animator - Accepting interested parties capable of managing animations in the game. Applicants must be able to demonstrate strong skills with Unity animation integration. Experience with uMMORPG animation system an asset.
    • Senior C#/Unity Programmer - Currently looking for a skilled Unity programmer. The right candidate for this project will be someone with a passion for detail and the ability to deliver quick proof of concept code blocks as well as refine those codeblocks once testing and POC has been accepted.

Note: All team members will be required to execute a Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete agreement.

Business Model:

  • Microtransaction based revenue streams
  • Free to Play core game with additional elements behind MTX walls. (Not Pay to Win)
  • No monthly fees

Funding Model:

  • Self funded.
  • Volunteer collaboration with core work being assigned hourly contributions.
  • Contribution hours to be paid out post release in phases as the corporation becomes self sufficient financialy.

Team Fit and Culture:

  • Being respectful of all team members at all times
  • Willing to take part in the unpaid development cycle for the experience of developing in a team environment and showcasing your works.
  • Be respectful of schedules and engage team members in meaningful conversations. Avoid continuously disrupting other team members for idle chatter.
  • Be capable of using the project tools required for collaboration and communication. Current tools include but are not limited to:
    • Unity 3D
    • Github
    • Skype
    • Discord
    • Hacknplan (project management software)


Please Note: As much as we can all get excited about discussing our next great idea for an MMO, it is important to understand that people have other work (hopefully paid) and families and things going on in their life. As much as we all like to talk about the things we are passionate about, talking about dreams doesn't bring them any closer to reality. Team members are expected to deliver tasks and show tangible progress in their areas of contributions.


Current Project Status - Updated May 24, 2019

  • Stagegate 1 - Core Server Operations Running - COMPLETED
    • DB servers running and core connectors and tables function - 100%
    • Patching service running and initial client ready to stream - 100%
    • Environment/repositories for DEV / TEST / LIVE online and ready to use - 100%
    • Master Server - monitoring and instance controls operational - 100%
    • Login Server - Account management, authentication and character selection operational - 100%
  • Stategate 2 - Phase 1 featureset released - COMPLETED
    • Questing - 100%
    • Vendors - 100%
    • Chat - 100%
    • Combat - 100%
    • Factions - Deferred to Stagegate 3
    • 4 zones - 100%
    • Skills - 100%
    • Crafting - 100%
    • Mounts - 100%
    • Harvesting - 100% - New
    • GUI Element Upgrades - 100% - New
    • UMA - Initial DNA and base model integration - 100% - New
  • Stagegate 3 - In Progress
    • Factions - 60% - Almost there!
    • Multi-tree dialogue system - 15%
    • Tabbed chat system - 80%
    • Phase 1 quest and storyline development - 1%
    • Crafting phase 2 - Item deconstruction - 30%
    • Crafting phase 2 - recipe itemization - Not started
    • Initial testing in the cloud DC - 0%
    • Skills phase 2 - Classless skill system - 60%
    • Skills phase 2 - Projectile implementation - 75%
    • Skills phase 2 - Spell casting phase 2 - Buffs / Debuffs / Offensive / Defensive - 10%
    • UMA phase 2 - Additional recipes for chain, leather and plate - 30%


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Last updated 05/24/19
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