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Office Terror

Hardcore Beat 'en up with RPG and puzzle elements.





You know what happens when you don't read your work contract, right?

Well, the good guy Conan McDuglas didn't know that either when joined 
one of the weirdest corporations in the world as a courier. He didn't know that when one day all the building doors and windows get locked, he became a really "full-time" employee.

Couldn't be worse? Yes, it could! The only way to leave the building is a roof and the only person who can access roof door is the top manager.

Nothing to worry about, work hard and you'll be a boss one day, right? Not really... The only way to get a promotion - is to fight for it.


Press any key to download DEMO




If you wish to support game development, please see here indiegogo.com/projects/office-terror


One of my favorite games of 16-bit era is "Zombies Ate My Neighbors", and that's really shame that we've never got 2nd chapter. I was trying to bring some of its mechanics here, in "Office Terror".



Your goal is to reach top floor, beat main boss and leave the office.

As mentioned in the description, this game is a beat'em up with RPG and puzzle elements. What does that mean?



You start at level 1, and can achieve up to level 20. Each level you're getting 2 skill points that you can spend to one of 2 main hero characteristics: strength or agility. Based on those characteristics, Conan acts differently. 


  • Increases max HP.
  • Increases enemy attack resistance.
  • Increases attack damage.


  • Increase agility pool.
  • Decreases delay between attacks.
  • Increases attack range.
  • Increases player speed.

Comparison of agility over balanced over strength attacks:

Agility modifed attack

Semi agility-strength modified attack

Strength modified attack

Gaining level you also discover new attack types with numerous of modifiers:

  • Damage multiplier.
  • Splash Damage (hits multiple targets)
  • Stunning Damage.
  • Kickback Damage.
  • Critical Damage.

Based on discovered attack types you are able to pick battle style, which is basically switches attacks combo.

Beating boss of each level you're getting his position:


          Courier                                              Line Manager                                              Manager



Weapons are very important part of attack system. Right now weapon arsenal is presented by only melee weapons, keyboards primarily. Weapons are differs by initial damage, modifiers, like, critical hit multiplier and chance, energy requirement per hit and more to come. I'm trying to use weight, size of real keyboards as a reference to set keyboard attack attributes. Few weapons examples:



BUFFS/DEBUFFS (in development)


Buffs/Debuffs is an another gameplay mechanic that grants some positive or negative effects on player for a certain period of time. Those effects could be granted by having drinks, food or using some devices (positive effects); or from being attacked by special enemy abilities (negative effects). Few buffs:

  • Increased speed.  
  • Decreased incoming damage.  
  • Increased out-coming damage.  
  • Increased Energy restoration speed.  
  • Increased HP restoration speed.
  • Time lock.
  • Invulnerability.

Almost all positive buffs have opposite, negative version represented by debuffs.

There are special, secret drinks that might grant you very decent positive effects or quite bad negative effects. It's up to you to choose to use them or not.




On some levels it's not enough to just beat everyone's asses up, but you need to complete some goals to reach the end of level. They are not too complex, it could be either maze, where you need to find right rooms, or finding hidden triggers that unlock boss door. Alongside with that game is full of Easter eggs which are not required to be discovered, but might make your life easier or bring some fun to the game.



Here are some tracks. More to come :)



Game has 8 levels. Some level examples:
Important note: this is just level design drafts, levels in game are in 2D!


Couriers Level


Conveyor Floor


Research Floor


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Last updated 03/17/18
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