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Asynchronous Multiplayer Ghosthunting


We are a small development studio, working on our first game. 

The Game

Imagine yourself exploring an abandoned, derelict building with a friend. Wooden floorboards under your feet are cracking, wind howls through empty corridors. Out of the corner of your eyes you can see something moving around. You turn around, but nothing is there. Your friend gets anxious, grabs your arm and gesticulates towards the exit. But you shake your head and push forward. Your friend follows you. After a few minutes the two of you reach a room. Ancient furniture is covered with thick layers of dust. Something scratches over the ground. You turn to your friend: maybe he’s playing a trick on you?  You raise your flashlight. His face is pale, his eyes are locked on something behind you. He screams and flees. Slowly you turn around, but it is too late. A small piece of furniture hits you. You fall to the ground. A quiet, evil laughter rings in your ears before you loose consciousness.  

That’s what an average playsession of Witching Hour, an asynchronous horror game could look like. 


You can either play together with a friend as a Hunter, or play against your friends as a Ghost. 
As a Hunter, you have to work together with a friend to find five “Mementos”, objects that belonged to the Ghost, so you can send him/her to his eternal rest. Unfortunately, you cannot see the Ghost, so you have to keep an eye on the environment, especially the ceilings, walls and the furnishings. You need to listen to sounds and visual small little changes to be able to track the ghost down and find his deadly traps.

 As a Ghost you have to make sure, that the Hunters won’t gain possession of the “Mementos”. To archive this goal, you’re free to move around the arena and place the furnishings and Mementos at will. Or you throw them at your enemies.

Witching Hour is inspired by games like: 

 - Dead Realm 
- Friday the 13th.
 - Evolve
 - Overwatch 


At the moment we are working on the core gameplay, which will be expanded during development. 
Among the planned features are: 

 - Multiple Hunters and Ghosts. 
- A Haunting-System, which will create some ghost atmosphere!
- A modular ability system, which enables both the Hunters and Ghosts to equip different skills. 
- A „Trap System“, which enables you to set traps for your enemies or to use the environment. For example: Set a carpet ablaze and burn the Hunters to a crisp. Or 
trap a Ghost for a certain amount of time in a room, with the power of “science and magic”.  

We also need your help during development. The core system should be in a “tester friendly” phase in a few weeks and we’d be happy to have a few gameplay testers. You play against us among other testers and your feedback will go directly to us.

In other words: Hands on game development.









We've polished some screens of our project. Cheers.


















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Last updated 05/09/18
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