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Dongo Adventure - Indie Game Project [3D Platformer] [RELEASED]

Embark on a great adventure and help Dongo escape from dangerous enemies and challenging scenarios!


Development: Dongo Adventure is an independent game that my brother and I developed for 11 months and is now available on Steam. The game is 3D Platform style, inspired by the classic platform games (mainly ‘Donkey Kong Country 2’), bringing all those challenges and fun of the genre. :)

We use Blender 3D and Gimp software for production.

About the Game: Dongo Adventure is a 3D platform style game, where the main character (Dongo) a mouse who ventures in (sewer, house, factory, lake, etc) and faces several enemies along the way (cockroaches, mosquitoes, frogs, spiders, toxic gases, electric wires, etc). He carries a backpack with cheeses that he uses to throw and defend himself from enemies, as well as being able to push objects that helps him to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Being agile and being attentive to the whole scenario is critical to success in the game!

Dongo Adventure (Steam Game Page):

Dongo Adventure (Final Trailer):

Thank you all for the support! ;)





Looks awesome I wish you good luck with the development!

Btw I do wonder why did you choose Blender's game engine?

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Gezu, many thanks man! 

I've been working with Blender a long time so I feel more comfortable developing with its engine. :]

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    December 6, 2018
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Last updated 10/12/18
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